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Spooky vs Ghostly x Deja Vu FM 6/7/15

Here’s my latest ‘Grimey Mondays’ 6th July 2015 show with special guest Ghostly alongside Cally, AJ Tracey, Big Zuu, Jay Amo & Kozzie plus NEW music from Heavytrackerz, Solo 45, Plastician, Jammz, Teddy Music, Wiley, JLSXND7RS, Kahn & Neek, Footsie, Royal-T, Kromestar, Captain, John Brown, DJ Woofa, J69, Capo Lee, Jook, Lay-Z, JT The Goon, Polonis and many more so click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download or stream / download the shelling segment from the Soundcloud below!

Deja Vu FM logo

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Spooky w/ Ghostly, Cally, Kozzie, AJ Tracey, Big Zuu & Jay Amo
Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Jay Amo feat. Big Zuu, AJ Tracey, PK & Capo Lee – OPP Anthem Remix
Capo Lee – Silo Pulse Spooky Dub
Macabre Unit – Sense
Plastician feat. Jammz – London Living
Faze Miyake – Gunpowder (Polonis Refix)
RD – Selecta
Jook – Lucy
Heavytrackerz feat. Solo 45 – Red Wolves
Spooky – Peach Melba
J. Robinson – Taking Care Of Business Dub
Lay-Z feat. JME & Frisco – That’s What I’m On
Footsie – On This Ting
Alias – Captain
Royal-T – Shotta (Kahn & Neek Remix)
Skepta – Shutdown
Kromestar – Mere Sher V.I.P
Capo Lee feat. Big Zuu & AJ Tracey – Man Wanna Talk [Spooky Special]
K1 – Armed Robbery (Spooky V.I.P Refix)
Captain – Trapped Inna Zone
DJ Woofa – Grimey
JLSXND7RS – Scatman John
John Brown The Rebel – Lemon
Sir Spyro & Spooky – ?
Capo Lee x Spooky – I Ain’t One Of Dem
Jook – Alarmed
JLSXND7RS – Yung Edirol
Sir Spyro feat. Big H, Bossman & Prez T – Side By Side [Spooky Special]
JT The Goon – Broken Mirror
28Hurtz – Swarfega
Mr Virgo – Hypnotiq (J69 Remix)
Teddy feat. Wiley – What Do You Know
Ghostly – Time Machine Freestyle

> The Shelling <

Spooky – Pulse 8 Rethink
Mr Lurco & D.O.K – ?
J Beatz – Green Phlegm
Rude Kid – Saturday (LJ Remix)
Mystry – Defeat
Rude Kid – Voices
Rapid – Pepper Riddim
Kromestar x Captain – F__k A Hater
Iron Soul – E-Motion
Max Mudie x Hatcha – Scrabble
Treble Clef – Ghetto Kyote (Polonis Refix)
Hindzy D – The Jump
Kahn & Neek – Can’t Look Away
Mak & Pasteman x Mella Dee – Mad City (Dubzta Remix)
Heavytrackerz – Wait In Line
D-Structo – Suicide Watch
AudioSlugs – Enemy Fire
Spooky & Boylan – Peckham To Hackney
Kaiju – Justice
Spooky – Raw Sewage
DSL – Shinigamu Realm
Rynsa Man – Seeing Red
Treble Clef – Haunted


vagabondz 10 july

Catch me at Vagabondz this Friday @ Brixton Jamm, London


Spooky Bizzle

Friday 10 July: Vagabondz @ Brixton Jamm, London

Friday 10 July: Vagabondz @ Brixton Jamm, London

vagabondz 10 july

Click here or the flyer for free entry & more info!

Spooky Bizzle

Spooky w/ Dorris, So Large, Cadell, Realz, DPower, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker & Row.D x Deja Vu FM 9/2/15

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 9th February 2015 show with special guests Dorris, So Large, Cadell, Realz, DPower, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker & Row.D plus NEW tunes from Hi5 Ghost, K1, Big Mikee, Merouac, TryTryDieDown, Gesher, Creep n00m, Rival, Monc, OGz, Faze Miyake, OH91, Jawside, Mr Dubz, Milli Major, Audio Slugs, Macca, N.A.T & more so click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Spooky w/ Dorris, So Large, Cadell, Realz, DPower, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker & Row.D
Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Merouac – Frost
Merouac – Woodrow Jones
Macca – Old Skool
Rival – Soul Speech
Faze Miyake – Cat D Remix
OGz – Get Down (We’re Back)
Commodo – P_lse Mountain (Jook Refix)
Royal-T – Inside The Ride (TryTryDieDown Bootleg)
Monc – The Underking
Conducta – Spend The Night (Killjoy Remix)
Creep n00m – Warzone
Frampster – Badman Sound
Samrai & Platt – Bad Riddim
Jon E Cash – Champagne Hoes (Jawside Bootleg)
Gesher – Ice Cold
Jammz – 128 Bars Of Reality
Nasty Jack – Wot Is It
*Teaser* Spooky – Playground (DJ Cable R.I.P)
Newham Generals feat. Wiley, Bruza, Monkstar, Spliffy Ranger & NXUS – Prang Man Remix
*Teaser* Kahn – Abattoir
Mr Dubz – Spaceman
DPower feat. D Double E – See No Evil
OH91 – Back Off
Nasty Jack – Jack On The Wave
Desperado feat. P Money – Lock Your Doors
Styler – Misunderstood
Hitman – King Of The Town
Solo 45 – Feed Em To The Lions
Big Narstie feat. JME – Hello Hi
Milli Major feat. Big H, D Double E & Smack – Winning (Sibling Remix)
M.I.K – Hear What
Audio Slugs – Relentless Assault
Jammz – Do Your Job
Hi5 Ghost – Return Flight
Blacks – Picture
K1 – Deeper
Izzie Gibbs – Reload
Big Mikee – Gully Skank
Nomis & Maribor – VSOP Luv

>>> In Session: Dorris, So Large, Cadell, Realz, DPower, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker & Row.D <<<
Spooky – Party Dub
DSL – 5 Brothers Of Death
Rude Kid – Spirits
Scampz – Crazy Riddem
Kahn & Neek – Dick Tracy
Footsie – White Box
Dullah Beatz – Royal Kush
DJ Dreddy – Invasion (Jawside Bootleg)
Spooky – Still Trappin’
Spooky – Cherry
Spooky – Benjamins
Swifta Beater – Grimy
K1 – Gassed
Heavytrackerz – Wait In Line
Audio Slugs – Heavy Machinery
Scruloose – Oxidate
Kahn – ?
Swifta Beater – Levels
J Beatz – Hybrid
Lolingo – Anakonda
N.A.T – Shaolin Temple
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid
Spooky – Slim’s Dub
Rynsa Man – Meet Rynnie Shmurdah
Rude Kid – Voices
Lumes – Lowz



Catch me at the following raves:

Friday 13 February: Vagabondz @ Brixton Jamm, London

Saturday 14 February: FPS Presents Heartbeats & Basslines @ Theorem Music Complex, London

Friday 27 February: Tumble Audio 2nd Birthday @ The Night Kitchen, Sheffield

Sunday 1 March: Super Sunday @ The Old Blue Last, London

Friday 13 March: Hull

Saturday 14 March: Jamz – All Night, All Vinyl @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Friday 20 March: Motion @ Rhythm Factory, London

Friday 20 March: Boxed – 2nd Anniversary @ Autumn Street Studios, London

Saturday 21 March: Take Off @ Timbuk2, Bristol

Saturday 28 March: BASSment – 2nd Birthday @ Bar 122, Huddersfield

Friday 3 April: UKG Fest @ The Coronet, London


Spooky Bizzle

Friday 13 February: Vagabondz @ Brixton Jamm, London

Friday 13 February: Vagabondz @ Brixton Jamm, London

vagabondz 13 feb

Click here or the flyer above for more info.

Spooky Bizzle

Friday 27 June: Vagabondz @ Plan B, Brixton, London

Friday 27 June: Vagabondz @ Plan B, Brixton, London

vagabondz 27 june

Click here or the flyer for more info.

Spooky Bizzle

Saturday 22 March: Vagabondz @ The Warehouse, Leeds

Saturday 22 February: Vagabondz @ The Warehouse, Leeds

Vagabondz @ The Warehouse, Leeds 22 Feb 2014

For more info, click on the flyer or here.

Spooky Bizzle

Spooky x Deja Vu FM 7/11/11

Here’s the latest show of my ‘Grimey Mondays’ show featuring a R1 Ryders segment in aid of their forthcoming release ‘Pole Position EP’ that drops Monday 14th November (you can also catch me at their EP launch party on Sunday 20th November at The Nest, N16) along with the Beatfighter entries from myself Spooky & Darq E Freaker plus forthcoming or released material from Footsie, Tubby, Chimpo, Masro, Teddy, J Sweet, Preditah and many more! So click HERE or the logo’s below for the download!

Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Big Narstie – Gas Leak (Spooky Special)
Synkro – Attack
Discarda – Rhyme On (Spooky Special)
P Jam – Red Eye
Jamakabi – CV Freestyle (Acapella)
Chimpo – Skeng Teng
Spooky – Spartan (Mosca Dub)
Merky Ace, Kozzie & Shif Man – Screwdriver VIP (Acapella)
*TEASER* Nocturnal – Dont Phone Me
Spooky – Pulse 007
Skepta – Bad Boy (Spooky Remix)
Spooky – Energy Boost
Jammin – No Singing (Acapella)
Darq E Freaker – Turbo Kids
Footsie – Lionheart
Tubby – Real Life
Teddy – The Night I Fell Asleep
Masro – Mind My Crep (Spooky Special)
Teddy – Community Links
J Beatz – Sargent
J Sweet – It Aint Over
Spyro – Wow (Meshak Nasty ‘Wowzerz’ Refix)
DJ Myrikal – O.S.G
R1 Ryders – Rubberband (2012’s The End Refix)
R1 Ryders – Deep In The Jungle
R1 Ryders – On Your Marks
R1 Ryders – Basswave
R1 Ryders – Just A Feelin’
Rossi B & Luca feat. Flirta D – Mind The Gap (Spooky’s Remix)
*TEASER* Darq E Freaker – Roar
K1 – Admay
K1 – Admay VIP
M.I.K – Do It (Acapella)
Flava D – Slumper
Spooky & Co. – Spartan R.I.P (Vocal)
Preditah – Circles
Preditah x M.I.K & Merky Ace – Shut Down Circles (Spooky Blend)
Preditah – Airwaves VIP
Discarda & M.I.K – Lord Of The Hypes
Darq E Freaker – Next Hoe
Kwam – Emm You Pee
Faze Miyake – Take Off (Spooky’s Refix)
Masro – Outta Da Blue (Spooky Special)
J Beatz & Co. – 8 Bar Mucktion
Trends – No Kick Drum Skank
Chimpo – Flamingo Skank

Catch myself Spooky b2b Mak 10 at the *FREE ENTRY* R1 Ryders EP launch party hosted by Vagabondz on Sunday 20th Nov 2011 @ The Nest, Dalston N16 (click HERE for more info)
catch myself Spooky B2B Rude Kid down at the Licked Beatz Soundclash on Friday 25th Nov 2011 @ Cable, SE1 (click HERE for more info).


‘Spartan’ Spooky