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Slackk b2b Grandmixxer b2b Spooky x NTS 19/3/15


In the run-up to Boxed‘s 2nd birthday (and his last NTS show), Slackk got me and Grandmixxer down for a mega back-2-back session on NTS Radio.

Stream from the Soundcloud below with full tracklist supplied. Press play & enjoy!

Slackk x Grandmixxer x Spooky
Boxed 2nd Birthday Warm-Up
NTS Radio http://www.NTSLive.co.uk

1.Skivers – Slackk
2.High Season – Jeb1
3.Baby Tune – Inkke
4.Tropical Freeze – Noaipre
5.Red Hammer – Dullah Beatz
6.Lost Me Marblez – Tarquin
7.Fuck Dat (Grandmixxer Special) – Inkke
8.Carlink – Sware
9.Posrednik – Slackk
10.Dick Tracy – Kahn & Neek
11.Banger – Novelist
12.One Chance – JT The Goon
13.Untitled – Sir Pixalot & Dullah Beatz
14.3310 Riddim (Torai Remix) – Lington
15.Votive – Tsundr
16.Epiphany – Sware
17.Ghetto Kyote (Polonis Refix) – Kamikaze
18.Big Pimpin – Mischief
19.Royal Kush (Spooky R.I.P) – Dullah Beatz
20.Destiny – Spooky
21.Straight Groove – Novelist x Grandmixxer
22.Dub Vendor – Dullah Beatz
23.Bloque Pulse – Noaipre
24.Peach’s Warhouse – Lloyd SB
25.8 Bar – Tsundr
26.Champagne Hoes (Jawside Bootleg) – Jon E Cash
27.Inside The Ride (TryTryDieDown Bootleg) – Royal-T
28.P_lse Mountain – Jook
29.Green Forest (Grandmixxer Special) – Trends
30.People Over Money – Grandmixxer
31.11pm (Trends Remix) – Rude Kid
32.Barbarian (Slackk Edit) – Dcoy
33.Night Hunter (Lloyd SB re-edit) – Fis-T
34.3:16 – Trends
35.Hypnotized Part 2 – Trends
36.Rhythm & Gash (Murlo Booty) – Rebound X
37.Peckham to Hackney – Spooky & Boylan
38.Pengers – Dullah Beatz
39.Ariel (Spooky Remix) – Murlo & Famous Eno
40.Bananas – Tarquin
41.The Flow – Sware
42.Unknown – Murlo
43.X Out – Lloyd SB
44.Trance Navigator – Spooky
45.Invasion (Jawside Bootleg) – DJ Dread D
46.Ahh – DJ Q
47.S63 AMG – Grandmixxer
48.Masked – Tarquin
49.Full Clip – Dullah Beatz
50.Grit – Tam & Tarquin
51.Dead Over Here – Juzlo & Trends
52.Bogart Riddim – JT The Goon
53.Billz Billz Billz (Checan vs Tarquin Refix) – Destiny’s Child
54.? – Kahn & Neek
55.Showtime Riddim – Spooky
56.Hungry Tiger – Spooky
57.Secret Garden – Edgem
58.Windrush – Grandmixxer
59.Broadway Purpss – Tarquin
60.Custom Jackets – Inkke
61.Hocus Bind – Bushido & Hunch
62.My My – Finn
63.Voices – Rude Kid
64.Gully Hill – Spooky
65.Mountain Stance (Grandmixxer Angel Dub) – Sir Pixalot
66.Long Jon Riddim – Novelist
67.Gunsmoke – Dullah Beatz

Spooky Bizzle

Slackk – Shogun Assassin (Spooky Remix) [Out Now]

Here’s my remix of ‘Shogun Assassin’ for Slackk released Monday 28th December 2014 on Local Action Records.


Stream the remix from the Soundcloud and purchase it via the Local Action Bandcamp below.

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Thursday 14 August: FWD>> @ Dance Tunnel, London

Thursday 14 August: FWD>> @ Dance Tunnel, London


FWD 14 august

Click here or the flyer for more info.

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Spooky – Unchained Slaves [Free Download]

(Spooky’s note: This has been out since 27th May 2014 but I’ve only got round to posting this now. My bad. LOL)

boxed v2

After being rotated on dubplate for a few months by Slimzee and Logan Sama and tearing down the club night Boxed, this 8 bar grime flip of Kanye West “New Slaves” finally sees light of day on Boxed Vol.2 – for FREE.

Stream or download the 320k MP3 of “Unchained Slaves” from the Soundcloud below.

You can also stream or download “Unchained Slaves” in MP3, FLAC, ALAC & other formats from the Bandcamp below.


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Boxed x Slimzos Sessions x NTS Radio 19/6/14

slimzos x boxed

So I was back on NTS Radio recently for #SlimzosSessions 005 where the Boxed gang went back to back with Slimzee for a mammoth 4 hour session. So that’s myself Spooky, Slimzee, Slackk, Oil Gang, Logos, Murlo & Trends.

Also includes a special guest appearance by Mumdance, who turned up, dropped an exclusive and fucked off again. As you do.

Follow us: @SpartanSpooky @dj_slimzee @slackk_ @oilgang @Logos262 @DJMURLO @Trendsdj_ @mumdance @NTSlive

No tracklist but you get the full 4 hour session. In 160 kbps. Obviously.

Stream or download from the Soundcloud below.


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Saturday 12 April: Curated By Spooky @ Plan B, London

Saturday 12 April: Curated By Spooky [+Birthday Set] @ Plan B, London

Curated By Spooky @ Plan B, LDN - Sat 12 April 2014

Click here or on the flyer for more info. See you there!

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