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Saturday 28 November: RubberDub presents Old Garage Wax @ The Harley, Sheffield

Saturday 28 November: RubberDub presents Old Garage Wax @ The Harley, Sheffield

rubberdub 28 nov

Rolling the PROPER old skool garage vinyls up to Sheffield – click here or the flyer for tickets and more info!

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Friday 27 February: Tumble Audio 2nd Birthday @ The Night Kitchen, Sheffield

Friday 27 February: Tumble Audio 2nd Birthday @ The Night Kitchen, Sheffield

tumble sheff 27th feb

Click here or the flyer for more info.

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Spooky x Deja Vu FM 17/11/14

Here’s my latest ‘Grimey Mondays’ 17th November 2014 show with tunes from Teddy, Dubzta, Juzlo, Teeza, Mr Dubz, Killjoy, Lenkemz, Conducta, Treble Clef, Murlo, Novelist, JT The Goon, Dark0, Moleskin, Moony, Nomis, Trends, HizzleGuy, DJ Q, SirPixalot, Impey, JL SXND7RS, Mad Vybez, Neffa-T, Darkness, Starkey, Mystry, Scruloose, Hatcha, Gundam, Jammz, Alias, Footsie, D Double E, DPower, Boofy, Kahn & Neek + the ‘Golden Oldie’ of the week by JME, Wiley, Cookie & Tempa T + the ‘Super Spin’ of the month by J Beatz! So click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Teeza – Funny Money
LJ – Arkham City
Redlight – 9TS (Teddy Remix)
Cotti – Ammo (Vital Techniques x Mikey B Remix)
Notion – Horror Show
DPower feat. D Double E – See No Evil
Dark0 – 2Lips
J Wing feat. Milli Major, Rage & K Wing – Where I’ve Been [Spooky Special]
Kahn & Neek – ?
Hi5 Ghost – Area 11
Jammz – Hit Then Run 2014
SirPixalot – Greazy
Murlo & Novelist – Flavour
Plastician – Printloop
Bigshot – Glitch (Trends Remake)
Neffa-T – Poison Clan
***Spooky’s Super Spin*** J Beatz – Hybrid
DJ Q – Ahh
Mr Dubz – Sekkle
Trends – Catchphrase V.I.P
D Double E feat. Triggz – Knock Knock
Scruloose – Vybra
Ruff Sqwad – Functions On The Low (J Beatz Flight Mode Mix)
Darkness – Ski Mask
Spooky – Glanny Dover
Row.D – Rid Dim Dim Dim [Spooky Special]
AudioSlugs – 10/10
The Square – Pengaleng
Impey – Impocalypse
Arma – Mariah
Spooky – Faithless
Hatcha & Pixelfist – Screwface
Spooky – Teedra
Nomis – Sagres
Mad Vybez – War
Starkey feat. M.I.K – Minus 2
Mystry – Goobers
Blay feat. Flirta D, Shorty & Skepta – Myth
SirPixalot – Vim
Deeco – Famalam (J Beatz Remix)
Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (Milktray x Tarquin Fucky Edit)
Boycott – Utah Jazz
Dubzta – Mars (Juzlo Remix)
HizzleGuy – Take That
Treble Clef – Summertime Madness
JT The Goon – Twin Warriors (Murlo Remix)
Majicall – Border
Sukh Knight – Space Rail
Boofy – No Beg Friend
Gundam – Pulse Wedding
Limit’less feat. T1 – Forget About Fame (J Beatz Remix)
Trends & JL SXND7RS – The Undertaker
SirPixalot – Gnarly
Alias – Prometheus
***Golden Oldie*** JME feat. Wiley, Cookie & Tempa T – R U Dumb?
Swifta Beater – Levels
StayFresh – These Times
Footsie – Indigo
DPower & Big Narstie – Ride Your Buzz (Spooky Remix)
BigDeann & Lemzly Dale – Escape From Agrabah
Swing Ting – Bad Riddim
Scruloose – Oxidate
Mr Dubz – Grom R.I.P
Mr Dubz – Losing It
Drone – Skengman Mode (Spooky Remix)
Conducta – Spend The Night (Killjoy Remix)
Lenkenz & Killjoy – Wesley Snipes (Spooky Remix)
Dubzta – Still Got Love (Mr Dubz Remix)
Rude Kid – 11pm (Trends Refix)
Deadbeat – Good 2 Me (Killjoy Remix)
Strict Face – Creep Zones II (Miss Modular Club Mix)
Manic – Old Hype [Bad Man]
Levlz – Crud [Spooky Special]
Lomax – Headlines
Muk – Goldfinger Riddim
J Beatz vs. Jay-Z – Is That Your Chick (Remix)
Moony – Ballin (Mr Dubz Remix)
Moleskin – Digital
Nomis – The End



Catch me at the following raves:

Friday 21 November: Bunga Bunga @ Hope Works, Sheffield

Saturday 22 November: Manchester

Tuesday 25 November: Jamz @ The Wire, Leeds

Friday 28 November: Jamz @ The Alibi, London

Until then… enjoy!

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Friday 21 November: Bunga Bunga @ Hope Works, Sheffield

Friday 21 November: Bunga Bunga @ Hope Works, Sheffield

bunga 21 oct

Click here or the flyer for more info.

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Friday 25 April: Amplify @ DQ, Sheffield

Friday 25 April: Amplify @ DQ, Sheffield

Amplify @ DQ, Sheffield - Fri 25 April 2014

Click here or the flyer for more info.

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