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Spooky w/ Capo Lee, Big Zuu, Jay Amo, Lyrical Strally, Pawz & Kaniva – Mode FM #NightShift 2/9/15

night shift

Here’s my Mode FM #NightShift from Wednesday 2nd September 2015 with special guests Capo Lee, Big Zuu, Jay Amo, Lyrical Strally, Pawz & Kaniva so check the Mixcloud below to stream the madness!

Spooky w/ Capo Lee, Big Zuu, Jay Amo, Lyrical Strally, Pawz & Kaniva
Mode FM http://www.ModeFM.com

Treble Clef feat. The Square – Bottles
*Teaser* Faze Miyake – Zetec
Faze Miyake – Red Pass
Merky Ace – EL P
*Teaser* Filthy Gears – Rapture
Ghostly – Slap Yourself
*Teaser* Polonis – Flyin
Wiley – What’s On Your Mind
Joss Ryan – A Dark Tale
Nasty Jack feat. Saskilla – #CrazyT
So Solid – Dilemma (Trends 2014 Remake)
Big Zuu feat. Jay Amo – Ballin
*Teaser* Treble Clef – Salad
Treble Clef – Cake & Cheese
Capo Lee – Come Out The Way
Trends – Untitled
Wiley – Send Me The Riddim
Moleskin – Digital 2
AJ Tracey – Wifey Riddim 2
Filthy Gears – Bread Fruit
Big Zuu – Big
Prez T – Where You Going
Mic Ty – Knewham [Spooky Special]
Plastician feat. Jammz – London Living
Sir Spyro feat. Big H, Bossman & Prez T – Side By Side [Spooky Special]
Terror Danjah feat. Mz Bratt & Jammz – Lose My Direction
Cotti x Killa P – Lions Den [Spooky Special]
Riko Dan – Ghost Chilli
King Yoof – Badman Riddim
DPower feat. Frisco & Demolition Man – Who Can Draw [Spooky Special]
Paleman – Beezeldub (J Beatz Remix)
Terror Danjah feat. Jamakabi – Juicy Patty [Spooky Special]
*Teaser* Kaiju – Creeper
Uncle Dreama – Don’t Even Know
Nico Lindsay – Black Magician
Jay Amo feat. Big Zuu, AJ Tracey, PK & Capo Lee – OPP Anthem Remix
> The Shelling <
DPower & Scampz – Airhawk
Moleskin – Oh Boy Refix
Faze Miyake – Gun Powder (Polonis Refix)
Crayzee Banditt – Pagan
Haggi – Isolation
Max Mudie x Hatcha – Scrabble
J Beatz – Chestplate
Macabre Unit – Sense
TantrumPro – Record Box
Trends – Bitch Slap
Soloman – Saria Riddim
Spooky – Dependant
Murlo – Hydra (Polonis Refix)
Spooky – Golden Finger
Rude Kid – Oh My Bass
Kid D – Shotgun Kelly
Sir Spyro – Grenade
DJ Woofa – Grimey
Filthy Gears – Rapture
Dullah Beatz – Gunsmoke
Virgo – Next Tune
DJ Dreddy – Invasion (Jawside Bootleg Part 2)
Hindzy D – The Jump
Potentz – Ricky
OH91 – Space
Royal-T – Shotta (Kahn & Neek Remix)
Rude Kid – ?
Kahn & Neek – Percy (Sir Spyro Remix)
Silkie – Majik
Rynsa Man – Fruit Kick
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid
Swifta Beater – Grimy
Kidda Beats – Fire Ball
Footsie – Indigo
Preditah – ?
Mr Lucro & D.O.K – Drazmatic
RSK & Dubzta – Illusion
Creep Noom – Disconnect
Bauuer – Dum Dum (Dubzta Remix)
Hi5 Ghost – Holy Issh
Trends – Pump It Up V.I.P
Hi5 Ghost – Return Flight
Sir Spyro – Tekkerz 2
Sir Spyro – Tekkerz (Rude Kid Remix)
Footsie – White Box
Trends & JLSXND7RS – The Undertaker (Devil Mix)
Spooky – Destiny
SP:MC & Joker D – Bad Dreams
Spooky – Devil’s Rejects
Finn – Cat’s Cradle
Darkness – Eski Thug
Mischief – Big Pimpin
Jook – Alarmed
Jon E Cash – Champagne Hoes (Jawside Bootleg)
JL SXND7RS – Ghoul [Spooky Special]
DJ Spookz – British Are Ready (J Beatz Remix)
TNT vs. Sparks & Kie – Fly Bi (Spooky’s V.I.P Mash Up)
Spooky – Coolie Joyride (Murlo V.I.P)
Discarda – AKA Vomit [Spooky Special]
Skepta – D.T.I (Darkos Remix)
Capo Lee feat. Big Zuu & AJ Tracey – Man Wanna Talk [Spooky Special]
Sinkro Dan – Sinkro Says
U.S.F – Ninjutsu [Spooky Special]
U.S.F – Soundbwoy Killa (Big Deann Refix)
Trends – Night & Day V.I.P [Spooky Special]
Rude Kid – 11pm (Trends Refix)


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Spooky w/ Pawz & Ten Dixon x Mode FM – Night Shift 17/6/15

Here’s my Mode FM ‘Night Shift’ from Wednesday 17th June 2015 with special guests Pawz (@OfficialPawz) & Ten Dixon (@MrTenDixon) on mic duties. Also dropped an exclusive from Mic Ty which is actually out now.


No tracklist. Just stream or download from the Soundcloud below.


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Spooky & 23 MC’s x Deja Vu FM 6/10/14

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 6th October 2014 show with over 20 MC’s blessing the set for a legendary #GrimeyMondays including Flirta D (@FlirtaDunDaD), Lady Chann (@LadyChann), DPower (@OfficialDPower), Row.D (@Row_D_N3), Jammz (@Jammz), MicTy (@MicTyMc), Pauly Papers (@RealPaulyPapers),
C Cane (@OfficialCCane), Pawz (@OfficialPawz), Streema (@Streema_), Elf Kid (@Elfisworld), Syder Sides (@SyderSides), DeeJillz (@DeeJillz), Faultsz (@FaultszMC), Saint P (@iamSaintP), PK (@TheReal__PK), J Wing (@J_WING_OFFICIAL), K Wing (@kwingblackcrown), Ten Dixon (@MrTenDixon), Jamkay (@Jamkay1), Kid Bookie (@kidbookie), Rhimez (@rhimez) & K9 (@K9OldSkool) plus the ‘Golden Oldie’ of the week by The Streets x Zed Bias and my NEW ‘Super Spin’ of the month by Wiley! So click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download – and stream it from Soundcloud below!

(P.S there was a chunk of audio missing in-between Trends ‘Hypnotized’ and Novelist ‘Sniper’ so had to do clean it up as best as possible (-:)

Deja Vu FM logo

Spooky w/ Flirta D, Lady Chann, DPower, Row.D, Jammz, MicTy, Pauly Papers, C Cane, Pawz, Streema, Elf Kid, Syder Sides, DeeJillz, Faultsz, Saint P, PK, J Wing, K Wing, Ten Dixon, Jamkay, Kid Bookie, Rhimez & K9
Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Trends & Riko Dan – Run Dem Down
Blacks feat. Jendor & Slickman – Work
Rascals – So High (The BBK Remix)
Mytus – Think Again
The Square – Pengaleng
Trends & JLSXND7RS feat. Flirta D – The Undertaker
***Golden Oldie*** The Streets – Has It Come To This (Zed Bias Remix)
J Wing feat. K Wing, Milli Major & Rage – Where I’ve Been [Spooky Special]
Jammz – Do Your Job [Intro]
Novelist – Spooky
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Rules Of The Dance (Kahn Remix)
***Spooky’s Super Spin*** Wiley – On A Level
Meridian Dan – One Two Drinks
P Money – Originators
Stormin feat. Bushkin – Berlin
M.I.K – 100 K£YS
Styler – Grimey

>>> The Shelling <<<
Skepta – Autopsy (Spooky Remake)
Spyro – Silo Grass
Spooky – Playground V.I.P
Trends – Virus
Spooky – Slim’s Dub
Kahn – ?
Commodo – Space Cash
Adam Mac – Eagle (Dubzta Remix)
Mystry – Calm
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid 2014
Notion – Octopus
Spooky – Amerie’s Love
Ruff Sqwad – Xtra (OH91 Rethink)
Dullah Beatz – One Chance
D.O.K – ?
Rude Kid – Victory
Spooky – Toxic Gas
Spyro – Tekkerz
Dark0 – Ghost Mode
Spyro – S-Files
Spooky – Cherry
Black Ops – Invasion (Jawside Bootleg)
MssingNo – 124th
Deeco – If You Don’t Know (Trends Bootleg)
Spooky – Spartan In The Trap
Lington – Bounty
D.O.K – Grove
Cotti – TrapVador
Danny Weed – Creeper (Royal-T Remix)
Wiley – Ground Zero (Dubzta Remix)
Incipe – Gully Valentino
Levlz – Crud
Lolingo – New Cross Gate
Manic – Old Hype [Bad Man]
Spooky – Faithless
Skepta & JME – Gunshot Riddim Special (Gundam Refix)
Trends – Hypnotized
> Missing Audio (Disclaimer: nothing to do with me) <
Novelist – Sniper
Footsie – White Box
Drake – Pound Cake (Trends Refix)
Bigshot – Glitch (Trends Remake)
Faze Miyake – Firefly
Swifta Beater – Levels
Rude Kid – What The Hell
K1 – Deliverance
Masro – Rock Away
Dullah Beatz – Ghost
Teddy – Last World War 4
Impey – Bangclap
Spooky – The Ends Refix 2014
Teeza – Temple Run
Treble Clef – Ghetto Kyote
Hi5 Ghost – Area 11
Faze Miyake – Dead Battery
Spyro – Bruce Wayne
J Beatz – Hybrid



Catch me at the following raves:

Saturday 18 October: Licked Beatz @ Plan B, London

Tuesday 21 October: Tumble Audio @ The Wire, Leeds

Friday 7 November: Kurupt FM presents Champagne Steam Rooms @ Brixton Jamm, London

Saturday 8 November: Curated By Spooky 2 @ Plan B, London

Until then… enjoy!

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Spooky w/ Rage, Lexman, Majicall, Pawz, C Cane & Lavz x Mode FM 23/5/14

mode fm

Here’s video footage of my Mode FM set from Wednesday 25 May 2014 with Rage, Lexman, Majicall, Pawz, C-Cane and Lavz blessing the set with bars galore.

Audio download will be coming soon! Big up @SpindarkRecords for filming!

Follow us: @SpartanSpooky    & 


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