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IMPORTANT: Please read

Stick with me on this one…. since that stubborn big-headed American music producer Swizz Beats fucked around with Megaupload, which then saw them get shut down by the F.B.I courtesy of the Universal Music Group, other file-sharing websites have shit themselves thinking the same will possibly happen to them. One of these websites includes Mediafire, which I used to upload all of my Deja Vu FM shows along with Rinse FM & 1Xtra guest mixes, Image Radio & Urban FM TV shows and D Power’s Deja Vu sets.

Mediafire wiped all of my radio show files with no explanation given whatsoever. (Can’t see where copyright falls into that.) Which now leaves the majority of my radio shows with invalid download links. 

So now I will be working rond the clock to restore all the radio shows on my site with 4Shared links. That way you get to listen to and download the audio. Like this set for example. So all files will be restored by Friday (hopefully). 

Thanks for your time and feel free to continue browsing my site until I have fully restored all of the affected shows and sets (feel free to watch the video footage, grab a few Soundcloud downloads or check out ‘Lemon Sessions 2’).

And a big ‘fuck you’ to Mediafire, you pussy-faced shit-eating dickheads. Peace.


M.I.K’s ‘Sick Pay EP’, some ‘Knowledge’ & getting ‘Butterz’

I 1st got introduced to M.I.K through DJ CEO when I was doing a late night/early morning special guest show on React FM back in 2008. Then he heard by ‘Boiling Point Riddim’ on a showreel I posted and got in contact with me. This became a legendary freestyle. Also, he dropped his ‘My Final Freestyle’ over Silencer’s ‘Final Lap’ instrumental to me…. then sent me the acapella to work on. So, if it wasn’t for him, there would probably have been no Final Lap Remix.

Here, you will find both the ‘Boiling Point’ freestyle & the ‘My Final Freestyle VIP’ (this came BEFORE the ‘OGeezus’ track) as produced by myself Spooky along with a freestyle over the biggest grime track at the moment ‘Woooo’ and plenty of other dirty, grimy bangers.


Secondly, I was recently mentioned in a blog write-up by Mr. Frankstah from the House of Grime Blog for the Knowledge Mag website. So, nuff respects to Mr Frankstah (keep up the good work) & check out the write up here.

P.S. watch out for an exclusive mix i done for the House of Grime blog coming soon.

Lastly, my forthcoming track ‘Murderer’ got dropped on the new Butterz mix for Fact magazine.
My other track with the OG’z, entitled ‘OGeezus’, also got dropped in the mix.
So, nuff respects out to Elijah & Skilliam, & go download the mix HERE.