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Tuesday 20 October: Jamz – All Night, All Vinyl @ Wire, Leeds

Tuesday 20 October: Jamz – All Night, All Vinyl @ Wire, Leeds

jamz 20 oct

Rolling #AllNightAllVinyl again so Leeds gang don’t sleep on this!

Click on the flyer above for tickets.

Click here for the event page.

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Friday 11 September: Jamz @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Friday 11 September: Jamz @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

jamz mcr 11-09-15

Jamz is back for the Autumn season & we kick-off in Manchester on 11th September with myself Spooky alongside Wen, Elijah & Skilliam. Click here or the flyer above for tickets & more info about the full run-down of the Autumn sessions!

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Saturday 14 March: Jamz – All Night, All Vinyl @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Saturday 14 March: Jamz – All Night, All Vinyl @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Jamz MCR 14 March

Click here or the flyer for info & tickets.

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Friday 13 March: Crystal Clear 10th Birthday @ Hull University Union, Hull

Friday 13 March: Crystal Clear 10th Birthday @ Hull University Union, Hull

Crystal Clear 10th Birthday Hull 13 March

Click here or the flyer for more info & tickets.

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Spooky x Deja Vu FM 19/1/15

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 19th January 2015 show with tunes from Nolay, Arctic, Kahn & Neek, John Brown, Grim Sickers, Jook, P Money, Heavytrackerz, Solo 45, Novelist, Mumdance, Jawside, Wiley, Potentz, DPower, Cotti, Killa P, Styler, J Beatz, Izzie Gibbs, DSL, Jammz, BMC, Nasty Jack, Efflex, Rapid, Slew Dem, Trapah, MssingNo, D Double E, Lolingo, Frampster, Big Narstie, Commodo, JME, Hizzleguy, Snowy, Smasher, Ghostly, Scruloose, Audio Slugs, Nomis & Maribor plus more! So click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

P Money – Gimme 2 Minutes
*Teaser* Preditah – Pride
MssingNo – 124th
Big Narstie x JME – Hello Hi
Spooky – Victoria’s Secrets
Dubzta – Skengy
Spooky – The Funeral March
Commodo feat. JME – Shift
Smasher – Time Machine
Ghostly – Time Machine Freestyle
*Teaser* Wiley – Shower Youth
Trapah & J Beatz – Mind Control V.I.P
Cotti & Killa P – Lions Den [Spooky Special]
Edgem – Secret Garden
J Beatz – Dartford
J-Wzdm – Life Sentence
Heavytrackerz feat. P Money, Newham Generals, Stormzy, Big Narstie, Flirta D, Youngs Teflon & Desperado – Trackerz
Spooky – Glanny Dover
Deadbeat – Zick 37
Ruff Sqwad – Functions On The Low (J Beatz Flight Mode Mix)
Slew Dem – War
Hizzleguy – Take That
Majicall – Border
Kahn & Neek – Got My Ting
VesperTown – King George
Jammz – Hit Then Run
Efflex – Shadows
Treble Clef – Summertime Madness
Spooky – Party Dub
Starkey feat. M.I.K – Minus 2
*Teaser* Spooky – Gotengo
Kahn & Neek – Dick Tracy
Snowy – Straight Freestyle
Spooky – 1 Wish
Mala – I Wait Part 2
Wiley – On A Level
Hatcha & Pixelfist – Screwface
J Beatz – Baby Powder
Solo 45 – Feed ‘Em To The Lions
Frampster – Appletizer
SRC – Rat Road (Trends Remix)
Champion & Mele – Radio Babylon
BMC – NightShift
StayFresh, Mayhem NODB & Bomma B – Music Trap
Audio Slugs – Malicious Intent
Novelist x Mumdance – Shook
Novelist – Yakuta
? – ?
Arma – Ey Gurl
SirPixalot – Labyrinth
Scruloose – Scrutiny
Grim Sickers & co – Black Bin Bag Him (Acapella)
*Teaser* DJ Dreddy – Invasion (Jawside Bootleg Part 2)
Rude Kid – Shaky Remix
Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Scampz Remix)
Trends – Green Forest R.I.P
Lolingo – KA
Bok Bok – Silo Pass (Monc Remix)
LJ – Militant
DSL – 5 Brothers Of Death
Audio Slugs – Enemy Fire
John Brown – Bond
Jawside – Crude V.I.P
Izzie Gibbs – Reload
Tre Mission & Faze Miyake – Cupcakes
TryTryDieDown – Waltz
Nasty Jack – Jack On The Wave
Boofy – Truncheon
Saskilla feat. Wiley – Forever
Alx Rosier – Die Hard
D Double E – Lovely Jubbly
*Teaser* Scampz – Selecta
Commodo – Fuck Mountain
DPower feat. D Double E – See No Evil
Scampz – Crazy Riddem
Nolay feat. P Money & Blacks – Don’t Stop
Nomis & Maribor – VSOP Luv
Rapid – Xtra Remix
Copydbwoy – 2007
Arctic – Magic Carpet
*Teaser* Creep n00m – Hypnotize
Alias – Warriors (Spooky Refix)
Jook – Pulse J
Masro – Conductor
J-Wzdm – Static
Styler – Misunderstood
*Teaser* Finn – Iya
J Beatz – Wood Green
Jon E Cash – War (Jawside Bootleg)
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid
Potentz – For The Roadz



Catch me at the following raves:

Friday 23 January: Jamz @ Thekla, Bristol


Saturday 24 January: Jamz @ The Alibi, London

jamz ldn 24 jan

Tuesday 27 January: Jamz @ The Wire, Leeds


Friday 30 January: Novelist’s 18th Birthday @ Shapes, London

Friday 13 February: Vagabondz [Bashment Set] @ Brixton Jamm, London

Friday 27 February: Tumble Audio 2nd Birthday @ The Night Kitchen, Sheffield


Spooky Bizzle

Spooky – Free Jamz

Some might call this a long time coming. Here’s a bunch of ‘Free Jamz’ I gave away from Sunday morning to confirm my residency for Jamz in 2015.

If you want to find out where I will be playing with Jamz this year, click here.

Free Jamz

1. Faze Miyake – Take Off (Spooky’s Refix)
2. Teddy – Dirtbag (Sppoky’s Refix)
3. Dizzee Rascal – Go (Spooky’s Refix)
4. Spyro – Bruce Wayne (Spooky R.I.P)
5. Alias – Warriors (Spooky Refix)
6. Spooky – Spirits Of The Sun
7. Spooky – Glanny Dover [The ‘Danny Glover’ Revamp]
8. Spooky – Melting Iceberg


Spooky Bizzle

Saturday 15 November: Jamz @ Chesters, Berlin, Germany

Saturday 15 November: Jamz @ Chesters, Berlin, Germany

jamz berlin 15 nov

Click here or the flyer for more info.

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Spooky x Jamz x The Alibi 31/1/14

Spooky x Jamz @ The Alibi, London Fri 31st Jan

For those who couldn’t make it down, here’s the audio from my 5 hour long all vinyl set for Jamz @ The Alibi on Friday 31st January.

spooky jamz 31-1-14

Started off with some dubstep classics before moving onto some grime & ending on some garage. Few jumps & skips but it’s the risk you take when you play vinyl! Big up Serious One on hosting duties & everyone who made it down on the night!

Enjoy! P.S. if anyone can crack the tracklist in full then the crew over at Butterz will sort you out with some vinyls!

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Saturday 15 February: Ahadadream @ Blueberry, London

Saturday 15 February: Ahadadream [‘Cheesy’ UKG Vinyl Set] @ Blueberry, London

Ahadadream @ Blueberry, London 15th Feb 2014

Switching it up for this one. I’ll be playing a cheesyUKG vinyl set for all massive & crew!


For a glimpse on how I thrown down a UK garage vinyl set, check out my set recorded live from Jamz @ The Alibi, London on Friday 31st May 2013. Salute to Serious One on hosting duties!

For more info, click here.

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Spooky x Deja Vu FM 20/1/14

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 20th January 2014 show with tunes from Masro & Flowdan, Conducta & JL Sanders, Trends & Neon Beats, Flava D & Moony, Newham Generals, Murlo, Wiley, Joker, Stirling, Chronik, BigDeann, Row.D, Sukh Knight, DPower, Dullah Beatz, Rascals & Big Narstie, Cotti, Hizzleguy, OH91, Boofy, Hi5Ghost, Nativ, J.G, SirPixalot, Mr Dubz & many more! So click here or the Deja Vu logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Spooky & co – Pulse 007 Rally
J Beatz – Wave Down (Trends Remix)
Shriekin’ Specailist – Too Right (BigDeann Remix)
Sir Spyro – Dubplate Drama (Spooky’s Refix)
Hi5Ghost – Kung Fu Kick (Kahn & Neek ‘Happy Slap’ Remix)
Spooky – Baby (DJ Q Remix)
Conducta & JL Sanders – FirePower
Moony – Hollow
OH91 – ReKro
Spooky vs Kahn & Neek – Chevy R.I.P
Benga – Crunked Up (Spooky’s Refix)
Faze Miyake – Gun Powder (Spooky’s Refix)
Joker & Swindle (040) – Let It Be Known
Murlo vs Ashanti – Movies
Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (DJ Milktray Edit)
BigDeann – Oh
Wiley – Are You Sure Lads
Spooky – Faithless
Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law (Hi5Ghost Refix)
D.O.K – ?
Chronik – Man In The Boot
Footsie – Da Crop
Newham Generals – Passion
Joker – Arabian Nights
Jakes – Biblickal
Clicks & Whistles – Can’t Believe
DPower – Fuck Resolutions
Sukh Knight – Angels
Gomes feat. D Double E – Gun Sparking
Spooky – Spartan In The Trap
Vital Techniques & Mikey B feat. M.I.K & Devilman – About That Time
Dullah Beatz – Samba Town
Rascals feat. Big Narstie – My Different
Stirling – RP Killer
Cotti feat. Killa P – Dub Warrior
Walter Ego – Wavey
JME – If You Don’t Know (Spooky’s Acapella)
Hi5Ghost – Teflon
***Spooky’s Super Spin*** Trends & Neon Beats – Show You
Doctor Jeep – Ghost Dance V.I.P
Spooky – Spartan R.I.P
Hizzleguy & Gandi – 84 Gig’s Deep
JL Sanders – Aries
U.S.F – Bongo Gladiator
Spooky – Coolie Joyride (Zha Remix)
OH91 – Stealth (Spooky Remix)
Spooky feat. Discarda & M.I.K – Lord Of The Hypes
SirPiaxlot – 14th June
Trends – Crude Activity
Nativ – Shifty
Boofy – Warzone
Moony – Calling
Arkane Soul – Buying
Flava D – Home V.I.P
Royal-T – I Know You Want Me (Danny B-Line Refix)
Flava D & Moony – Who I Am
Spooky – Spirits Of The Sun
Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U (Muk Remix)
J.G vs. Breach – Jack (Up The Tune)
Muk – Smelly Pum Pum (2014 Refix)
Masro & Flowdan feat. Jamakabi & Riko Dan – Flatline
DJ Snipaz & Bosh – Aardvark
Riddim Commission & Newham Generals – Battle (Last Japan Remix)
Spooky – The Ends 2014 Refix
Dullah Beatz – One Chance
D.O.K – Cardio (Spooky’s Refix)
Mr Dubz – Ardcore
J.G vs. Spooky – Trippy Spartan
Swifta Beater – Easy V.I.P (Dubzta Remix)
Trends – Death Race 2000
Murlo – Hydra
Coki – Voodoo Dolls
Row.D – I’m A Grime Kid
Darx – Cold
Chronik – Go Blunkett
MssingNo – 124th
Rude Kid – End Level
Dark0 – GhostMode
DPower & Flowdan – Big Dawgs
*Teaser* Scruloose – Ice Lolly
*Teaser* Sir Spyro – Bruce Wayne
Mr Dubz – Grom (LJ Remix)
Mystry – Reptile
Wiley – BMO Field Freestyle
Spooky – Toxic Gas
Dizzee Rascal – Strings Hoe (Wen Remix)
Shut Up & Dance – Moving Up


+++ BOOKINGS +++

Catch me at the following raves:

Friday 31st January: Jamz @ The Alibi, London

Friday 14th February: Run vs Shogun Audio vs Hench @ Motion, Bristol

Saturday 15th February: Ahadadream [Cheesy UKG Set] @ Blueberry, London

Saturday 22nd February: Vagabondz @ The Warehouse, Leeds

Good Friday 18th April: UKG Fest @ Coronet, London

Enjoy the show!

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