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Spooky x Deja Vu FM 20/7/15 #GrimeyMondays Live @ Soaked Above Water

Here’s the video of my ‘Grimey Mondays’ show live from Soaked Above Water @ The Arches on Monday 20th July with a host of MCs passing through for a crazy set.

Deja Vu FM logo

Featuring an all-star line up including P Money, Blacks, Slickman Party, Sharky Major, Discarda, Jammz, Mic Ty, Nico Lindsay, Capo Lee, Jammin, So Large, Villain, Young Aks, Big Zuu, Jay Amo, YGG (PK, Saint & Lyrical Strally), Row.D, Mr Eklipse, Uncle Dreama, Ghostly, Spitz, K Wing, Ten Dixon, Jon E Clayface, RD, Blaze, Grimey, Flamezee, Madders, Rampage, Kruz Leone & Rhimez.

Pree the show below.


Enjoy! Track list on route.

Spooky Bizzle

Spooky x Mode FM – Night Shift 3/6/15

Gonna be documenting my Mode FM shows from now so here’s my ‘Night Shift’ on Mode FM from Wednesday 3rd June 2015 alongside Mic Ty, Big Zuu, Capo Lee, Nico Lindsay, Big H, Milli Major, Pauly Papers, Rocks, Jammin, RD, Eklipse, Dubz D & Blaze.

No tracklist. Just stream or download from the Soundcloud below.

Also, get a glimpse of what went down with the video footage below shot by F Velody.


Spooky Bizzle

Spooky w/ Dorris, So Large, Cadell, Realz, DPower, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker & Row.D x Deja Vu FM 9/2/15

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 9th February 2015 show with special guests Dorris, So Large, Cadell, Realz, DPower, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker & Row.D plus NEW tunes from Hi5 Ghost, K1, Big Mikee, Merouac, TryTryDieDown, Gesher, Creep n00m, Rival, Monc, OGz, Faze Miyake, OH91, Jawside, Mr Dubz, Milli Major, Audio Slugs, Macca, N.A.T & more so click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Spooky w/ Dorris, So Large, Cadell, Realz, DPower, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker & Row.D
Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Merouac – Frost
Merouac – Woodrow Jones
Macca – Old Skool
Rival – Soul Speech
Faze Miyake – Cat D Remix
OGz – Get Down (We’re Back)
Commodo – P_lse Mountain (Jook Refix)
Royal-T – Inside The Ride (TryTryDieDown Bootleg)
Monc – The Underking
Conducta – Spend The Night (Killjoy Remix)
Creep n00m – Warzone
Frampster – Badman Sound
Samrai & Platt – Bad Riddim
Jon E Cash – Champagne Hoes (Jawside Bootleg)
Gesher – Ice Cold
Jammz – 128 Bars Of Reality
Nasty Jack – Wot Is It
*Teaser* Spooky – Playground (DJ Cable R.I.P)
Newham Generals feat. Wiley, Bruza, Monkstar, Spliffy Ranger & NXUS – Prang Man Remix
*Teaser* Kahn – Abattoir
Mr Dubz – Spaceman
DPower feat. D Double E – See No Evil
OH91 – Back Off
Nasty Jack – Jack On The Wave
Desperado feat. P Money – Lock Your Doors
Styler – Misunderstood
Hitman – King Of The Town
Solo 45 – Feed Em To The Lions
Big Narstie feat. JME – Hello Hi
Milli Major feat. Big H, D Double E & Smack – Winning (Sibling Remix)
M.I.K – Hear What
Audio Slugs – Relentless Assault
Jammz – Do Your Job
Hi5 Ghost – Return Flight
Blacks – Picture
K1 – Deeper
Izzie Gibbs – Reload
Big Mikee – Gully Skank
Nomis & Maribor – VSOP Luv

>>> In Session: Dorris, So Large, Cadell, Realz, DPower, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker & Row.D <<<
Spooky – Party Dub
DSL – 5 Brothers Of Death
Rude Kid – Spirits
Scampz – Crazy Riddem
Kahn & Neek – Dick Tracy
Footsie – White Box
Dullah Beatz – Royal Kush
DJ Dreddy – Invasion (Jawside Bootleg)
Spooky – Still Trappin’
Spooky – Cherry
Spooky – Benjamins
Swifta Beater – Grimy
K1 – Gassed
Heavytrackerz – Wait In Line
Audio Slugs – Heavy Machinery
Scruloose – Oxidate
Kahn – ?
Swifta Beater – Levels
J Beatz – Hybrid
Lolingo – Anakonda
N.A.T – Shaolin Temple
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid
Spooky – Slim’s Dub
Rynsa Man – Meet Rynnie Shmurdah
Rude Kid – Voices
Lumes – Lowz



Catch me at the following raves:

Friday 13 February: Vagabondz @ Brixton Jamm, London

Saturday 14 February: FPS Presents Heartbeats & Basslines @ Theorem Music Complex, London

Friday 27 February: Tumble Audio 2nd Birthday @ The Night Kitchen, Sheffield

Sunday 1 March: Super Sunday @ The Old Blue Last, London

Friday 13 March: Hull

Saturday 14 March: Jamz – All Night, All Vinyl @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Friday 20 March: Motion @ Rhythm Factory, London

Friday 20 March: Boxed – 2nd Anniversary @ Autumn Street Studios, London

Saturday 21 March: Take Off @ Timbuk2, Bristol

Saturday 28 March: BASSment – 2nd Birthday @ Bar 122, Huddersfield

Friday 3 April: UKG Fest @ The Coronet, London


Spooky Bizzle

Spooky – The #GrimeyMondays Xmas Spesh x Deja Vu FM 22/12/14

Here’s the ‘Grimey Mondays’ Xmas Spesh from 22nd December 2014 and the last #GrimeyMondays of 2014 with a host of MC’s including Ten Dixon, Jon E Clayface, Row.D, Cadell, Jammz, Ghostly, Lady Shocker, AJ Tracey, Big Zuu, Villain, Sense, Young Aks, Discarda, K Wing, Grimey Micpol, RD, Jammin, Rampage, Guyver, Liberty, Foxamous & Rhimez plus a bag of tunes too and the ‘Super Spin’ of the month by Darkness & Matt Wizard! So click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download! (this is only the shelling segment as Mediafire are being dickheads about my ‘Wesley Snipes’ remix.)

Deja Vu FM logo

Grimey Mondays Xmas Spesh w/Ten Dixon, Jon E Clayface, Row.D, Cadell, Jammz, Ghostly, Lady Shocker, AJ Tracey, Big Zuu, Villain, Sense, Young Aks, Discarda, K Wing, Grimey Micpol, RD, Jammin, Rampage, Guyver, Liberty, Foxamous & Rhimez
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Spooky – Moonlight
Levlz – Crud [Spooky Special]
Spooky – Unchained Slaves
Bogeyman – Smelly
Trends – Evil Dead
Incipe – Gully Valentino
Spyro – S Files
Spooky – Benjamins
Row.D – Missy
Rude Kid – Shaky Remix
Skepta & JME – Gunshot Riddim Special (Gundam Refix)
Spyro – Bruce Wayne
Ruff Sqwad – Functions On The Low (J Beatz Flight Mode Mix)
Just Dan – Champion
Spooky – Glanny Dover
Notion – Octopus
Teddy – Last World War 4
John Brown – Bond
Rude Kid – Voices
Swifta Beater – Candy White
Mystry – Pulse R
Faze Miyake – Burciaga
Dubzta – Mars (Juzlo Remix)
K1 – Gassed
Footsie – Night In The Museum
Deeco – If You Don’t Know (Trends Bootleg)
Swifta Beater – Bogle
Trends & JL SXND7RS – The Undertaker
Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash (Inkke Booty)
Spooky – Faithless
Spooky – Still Trappin’
Spooky – Amerie’s Love
Rude Kid – Spirits
Spyro & Spooky – Secret Agents
Spooky – Gully Hill
Spooky – The Lion Awakes
Spooky – Cherry
Spooky – Slim’s Dub
Swifta Beater – Choir Gang
Tre Mission & Faze Miyake – Cupcakes
Darq E Freaker – Honor Oak Park
Dullah Beatz – Royal Kush
Flava D – Robot
Impey & O-Dessa – Bleepz
Masro – Rock Away



Catch me at the following raves:

Saturday 27 December: Eskimo Dance @ Indigo2, London

NYE Wednesday 31 December: For The Love of Garage @ The 100 Club, London

Friday 16 January: Kurupt FM presents Champagne Steam Rooms @ Concorde 2, Brighton

Friday 23 January: Jamz @ Thekla, Bristol

Saturday 24 January: Jamz – All Night All Vinyl Set @ The Alibi, London

Tuesday 27 January: Jamz @ The Wire, Leeds


Spooky Bizzle

Jammer & Lord Of The Mics Allstars – Lord Of The Mics (Spooky’s Mix)

Everyone has done their own take of this anthem since Jammer dropped the acapella on Twitter the other day… it’s only right I tried my hand at one. Free download as well which you can grab from the Soundcloud player. (You can buy the instrumental of my version from Juno Download here.)


‘Spartan’ Spooky

D Power x Deja Vu FM 12/12/11

Here’s the 12th December D Power show with myself Spooky b2b Smallz b2b Big Mikee b2b Blizzard on decks alongside Diesle, Big Narstie, L.Man, Jammin, Guyver, Killa P, Scorpz, Dapz, Hitman, Villian, Lil Choppa, Rampz, Tips, Dreama & Infamous on mic. That’s 4 DJ’s and 15 MC’s going HAM before the Lord Of The Mics private party in Hoxton on the same night. So CLICK HERE or the logos for the download!

While you’re here, I did a cover show for DJ Eastwood & LR Groove on Saturday 3rd December with Diesle, Flowdan, Dreama (N.A.A), Styler (G Fam) & Shadie controlling the mic so download that HERE.

Dont forget to tune in to the D Power show every Monday 8-10pm only on Deja Vu FM.


‘Spartan’ Spooky & Diesle

Kozzie’s Launch Party Footage

Here we have footage of what went down on Saturday 25th June 2011 at The Old Blue Last for Kozzie‘s launch party in aid of ‘The Problem’s Started’ mix CD which is OUT NOW! So click the pic to purchase your copy.

Hang tight Ardwear TV for the footage.
Big up Kozzie, Merky Ace, Ego, Shif Man, Rival, Jammin, Discarda, Jammer, Drifter, Infa, RD & Careless on mic and myself Spooky on deck flinging down the sounds spraying quick-fire rounds.
Here we go…

Part 1

0:07 Spooky – Spartan
0:15 Spooky – Spartan RIP
0:31 Doctor P – Sweet Shop (Spooky’s Refix)
1:58 Spooky – Rusty Bell
3:00 Scrufizzer – Marching
3:53 Terror Danjah – East Village
4:27 Spooky – Curry Chips
5:20 D.O.K – Sidedok
6:25 Deset – Crisis
7:44 Redlight – Source 16
8:46 Rude Kid – Jack Daniels (Spooky’s Remix)
9:46 DJ Zinc – 138 Trek

Part 2

0:01 DJ Zinc – 138 Trek
1:31 Sunship – Cheque 1-2 (Spooky’s Remix)
2:24 Mr Slash – Get Down
3:46 Direct – Mario Bros (Spooky’s Remix)
5:54 Spooky – Electric Spartan
6:34 Rude Kid – Electric VIP
7:08 Teddy – Afghan
7:47 Darq E Freaker – Mike Lowery Remix
9:53 Footsie – Voice Box

Part 3

0:01 Footsie – Voice Box
0:33 Darq E Freaker – Scumbag
1:08 Silencer – Dirtbag
1:34 Darq E Freaker – Reperesent
3:39 Rude Kid – Screwdriver
4:16 Chase & Status – Eastern Jam VIP
5:09 12th Planet – Reasons (Doctor P Remix)
6:02 Exo Remedy – Cancer
6:55 D.O.K – East Coast
7:22 Teeza – Buzzin
8:12 Royal T – Damn It!
8:46 Royal T – Orangeade
9:39 Wiley – Ice Pole Remix
10:27 DJ Oddz – Bump Dis 2
11:20 Spooky – Snowforest
11:47 Dubplate Mex – Slow (Blackjack Remix)


‘Spartan’ Spooky

Spooky’s Late Night Carnival Bank Holiday Madness

While I am still recovering from the ‘Late Night Madness’ set from last night on Urban FM, click the logo to download the whole set featuring Nasty Jack at the beginning followed by Nationality (Jammin, RD, Blaze), Nico Lindsay, Avalanch, Darkos, J Formula, Rival, Marger, Kozzie, Drifter, A2, Skanx & Crimzon (Raw 1ns).

Big up Risky & the ADHD.TV massive for the recording! Follow them on Twitter @ADHDonline

Rude Kid’s Hypnotize Launch

So….. last Saturday at The Old Blue Last was a complete madness. Big up Rude Kid, Magic, all Dirty Canvas crew & all the massive who reached, touched mic & enjoyed the vibes. Big up the ‘clashing’ crew as well……. LOL. Dont forget to support Rude Kid’s Hypnotize EP and BUY IT NOW!

Click my pic below to view all pictures taken on the night. Big up Verena & all Kids Of The Underground massive on the photography hype. Follow them on Twitter too @kidsofgrime

Now you’ve seen all the pics, time for the videos! Hang tight Scarcious and the Wicked TV massive on point as always with the vids. Follow them on Twitter @wickedtv

Let’s kick off with Part 1 of me, Rude Kid, Jammer, Shorty, P Money, Blacks, Jammin, Kozzie, Merky Ace, Marger, Rival, Big Shizz, Delusion & more…

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

the final Part 5

The Live PA of Kozzie’s “Destruction” (Spartan vocal) produced by me, Spooky…

Kozzie vs. Delusion while i’m on decks…

Hammer vs. Rival when Rude Kid was on decks…

& a little bonus 🙂
P Money ‘parring’ Jeeday Jawz while Rude Kid was on decks.
Footage courtesy of Duggz TV