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Spooky w/ Styler, Sicx & MicTy x Deja Vu FM 27/10/14

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 27 October 2014 show with special guests Styler (@StyleZGFam), Sicx (@sicx) & MicTy (@MicTyMc) plus tons of NEW music from DPower & Big Narstie, StayFresh, Blay, Starkey, Trim, D Double E, M.I.K, Villain & Stormin, Arma, Big H, Row.D, Snowy, Trends, Mala, K9, Mumdance + Logos + Rabit, Dark0, Moleskin, HizzleGuy, Murlo, Hatcha & Pixelfist, RynsaMan, Lolingo, Just Geo, Audio Slugs, Nomis and Loom + the ‘Super Spin’ of the month by Wiley! So click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Spooky w/ Styler, Sicx & MicTy
Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Mumdance, Logos & Rabit – Inside The Catacomb
Incipe – Crying On The Low
Dark0 – Sweetboy Tears
DPower / Realz / Frisco / Big Narstie / Flowdan & Riko Dan – Horror Show 3
Starkey feat. D Double E – Screwed On
Row.D – Rid Dim Dim Dim [Spooky Special]
Mala – I Wait, Pt. 2
D Double E – Lovely Jubbly
K9 – Shottas Riddim
Big H – Always Say
Blay feat. Flirta D, Shorty & Skepta – Myth
DPower & Big Narstie – Ride Your Buzz (Spooky Remix)
Villain feat. Stormin – Move To
StayFresh – These Times
Snowy – Straight Freestyle
Spooky – Gotta Kill Chantes
Blay feat. Lay-Z – Vets Inside
Trends – Sat By The Fire
Starkey feat. Trim – They Don’t Know Me
Spooky – Blue Jeans Booty
Stylez – Grimey
***Spooky’s Super Spin*** Wiley – On A Level

>>> The Shelling <<<
Teeza – Funny Money
Trends – Virus
Spyro & Spooky – Secret Agents
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid 2014
Mystry –
Kahn & Neek – ?
Lumes – Dirtz
K1 – Gassed
Audio Slugs – September Rain
Footsie – White Box
J Beatz – Baby Powder
Black Op’s – Invasion (Jawside Bootleg)
Spooky – Slim’s Dub
Footsie – Bubblers
Footsie – Night In The Museum
Footsie – Traps
DJ Q – Ahh
Levlz – Crud [Spooky Special]
Spooky – Amerie’s Love
Swifta Beater – Levels
Impey – Impocalypse
Footsie – ?
Masro – No Beating About The Bush
Mystry – Calm
Spooky – Wish U Woz ‘ere
Masro & Cortex – Martian
*Replay* Trends – Sat By The Fire
Ruff Sqwad – Functions (J Beatz Flight Mode Mix)
Trends – Death Race 2000
Spooky – Glanny Dover
Spooky – Gun Piper
Audio Slugs – 10/10
Jammz + Syx – Martians
D.O.K – ?
Bok Bok – Funkiest (Be Yourself)
Dullah Beatz – Royal Kush
Sukh Knight – Space Rail
J Beatz – Hybrid

Arma – Mariah
HizzleGuy – Take That
Moleskin – Thuggin
Lolingo – Italian Job
Just Geo – Emerald City
HizzleGuy & Kahlil – 2004
Hatcha & Pixelfist – Screwface
Murlo – Into Mist
Moleskin – Digital
Audio Slugs – Cold Days
Nomis – Sagres
Alias – Prometheus
Starkey feat. M.I.K – Minus2
Swing Ting – Bad Riddim
Rynsa Man – Hiiie x Drvnk
Loom – Fukushima



Catch me at the following raves:

Friday 7 November: Kurupt FM presents Champagne Steam Rooms @ Brixton Jamm, London

Saturday 8 November: Curated By Spooky 2 @ Plan B, London

Until then… enjoy!

Spooky Bizzle

Best Of Styler [Mixed By Spooky]

styler best

‘Best Of Styler’ takes you through an 80 minute journey of some of Styler’s best work over the last 7 years dating back to 2007 up until the present day. This has been compiled by Styler and mixed by myself Spooky.

Features and productions come courtesy of G Fam, Frisco (Boy Better Know), Rude Kid, General Tank (Heavytrackerz), Black The Ripper, Rival, Dexplicit, Masro, Calibar, Chipmunk, Swifta Beater, Darkness, Napper, Shizzle, Rinser & many more!

You can stream or download all this from the Soundcloud below. Full tracklist when you click here. Enjoy!

Follow: @StyleZGFam & @SpartanSpooky

Spooky Bizzle

Spooky w/ G Fam & Uncle Dreama x Deja Vu FM 10/6/13

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 10th June 2013 show split in 2 parts with ‘Part 1’ featuring new tunes from Kahn & Neek, U.S.F, P Jam, K1, Filthy Vicars and Footsie alongside tunes from Trends, Rude Kid, SirPixalot, Hizzleguy, Coki, Dizzee Rascal, Mystry, Champion, Juzlo and more while ‘Part 2’ has Uncle Dreama (N.A.A) dropping some exclusives and some bars alongside Stylez, Sicx & Vola from G Fam. No track list for Part 2. So:




Deja Vu FM logo

Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

[Part 1]

P Jam – Intel
DJ Cable – Cartridge
Trends – Power Of The Darkside
JME – If You Don’t Know (Spooky’s Acapella)
Trends – Night and Day
Spooky – Playground (DJ Cable Rework)
Sergic & Lyka – Bulletproof (Filthy Vicars Remix)
Kahn & Neek – Chevy
Kahn & Neek – Percy (OH91’s Percy)
Row.D – Show Me Buds (Acapella)
Swindle – Airmiles (20,000 Miles Later)
Footsie – Congo
U.S.F – Ninjutsu
Royal-T & D.O.K – Saints
Spooky – Spartan (Soloman’s Luv’d Up Remix)
Addministro – Alert (Spooky’s Red Alert Remix)
Spooky – Rusty Bell (Moony Remix)
Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law
Majora – Boss Key (Sergic Remix)
K1 – Disaronno
Shift Key – Wiggle With It
Neon Beats – Dutty Bass
J Beatz – Sargent
Slew Dem – Playground Vocal
Killjoy – Lockdown
Spooky – Coolie Joyride (Samename Refix)
Moony – 7in1 Mash Up
M.I.K feat. Kozzie & Trilla – Cake
*Teaser* Avery Caines – Jeepers Creepers
Conducta – Guava
Dash Total’d – Dreaming (Big Deann’s Grime Refix)
Spooky – Coolie Joyride (Murlo Remix)
Darx – Element Chords
Nasty Jack – Kevin Spacey
Kakarot – Patrol Riddim
Champion – Bowsers Castle
Rude Kid – End Level
Juzlo – Commando Riddim
Hi5Ghost – Kung Fu Kick
Spooky x Champion – Lighter R.I.P
KSH & Filthy Vicars – Bazooka
*Teaser* Dullah Beatz – Kill Confirmed (Spooky’s Remix)
Preditah – Vinyls (Spooky’s Refix)
Footsie – Hit Him
Faze Miyake vs Juicy J – Firefly Makes Her Dance (Mr Furious Edit)
Mystry – Thermos
K1 – Deliverance
Coki – Voodoo Dolls
Hizzleguy – Cannon Drill
Mr Dubz – Grom (Spooky’s Remix)
Flirta D & Big Narstie – Foolish Base
*Teaser* Lil Rhino – The Speakers Speak To Me
Moony – Hollow
D Power & Footsie – Gully Creeper
Rude Kid – Yagga
TC4 – La La La V.I.P
Merky Ace – Eff Tizzy (Acapella)
*Teaser* Preditah – Nosy Parker V.I.P
Spooky – Gladiator R.I.P
Mosca – Bax (Spooky’s Remix)
Spooky – Pulse 007
Preditah – Groupies
Trends – Green Forest (Spooky’s Remix)
Flava D – Grime
SirPixalot – Southside Freeze
K1 – Armed Robbery (Spooky’s Refix)
Trends – Blade Runner
Dubzta – Drop It On ‘Em
Dizzee Rascal – Do It! (SirPixalot Remix)
Chronik – Gangster Freestyle
Footsie – Prang Boy



Spooky Bizzle

Spooky & G Fam x Deja Vu FM 6/8/12

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 6th August show alongside special guests Styler & Dimples from G-Fam plus new tunes from TC4, Juzlo, Genos & Tony Touch, myself Spooky, Masro, Kidda Beats, Gravity, Mad Vybez, RDN, Royal-T, D Power, General Tank, Cas & many more! So click here or the logos for the download!

Spooky & G-Fam (Styler & Dimples)
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Gravity – Summer Breeze
Discarda – Grimeraver Freestyle
Kidda Beats – Earthquake (Masro Remix)
Masro – Utter Madnezz (Spooky’s Remix)
Cas – Drugs Don’t Work
Kidda Beats – Avenger
Merky Ace – Eff Tizzy (Kidda Beats Remix)
Masro – 4 Seasons
Royal-T & Terror Danjah – Music Box
D Power – Mic Check
Spooky – Playground 2012
Skream – Hag
Waifer – Gunman Skank
M.I.K – Mor£ (Acapella)
Spooky – Code 9
Mad Vybez – Grime Inc
Royal-T & Roska – Work Your Body
J-Sweet – Okay
K1 – Streetlights (wud’s Refix)
Genos & Tony Touch – Elbow Daze
Shiftee & Badman Shark – EKG Riddim (Spooky’s Remix)
Chase & Status – Brixton Briefcase V.I.P
Royal-T & Merky Ace – Music Please
K1 – Leakers
RDN – Hear Me Cussin
R1 Ryders – Speed Bump
TC4 – Phantom
R1 Ryders – Low Tread
Juzlo – The Music
Spooky – Rhythm & Gash 2012
Styler – Gang Green
Crushington – Chug
Chronik – Man In The Boot
Adam Mac – Lost In Preston
Styler & Sicx – Shepherd
***Styler & Dimples set***
Swifta Beater – Bangs
Uncle Dreama – Thor’s Hammer
RDN – Da Lemon
DJ Swerve – Grimeraver Riddim
Masro – Shut Ur Trap
Dismantle – Dots
LJ & G1 – First Degree
Spooky – Coolie Dance Joyride
General Tank – Mouse Trap
Spooky – Diamonds Are Forever
Bok Bok – Silo Pass (Sir Spyro Remix)
Scrufizzer – Bible
Preditah – Vinyls
Dullah Beatz – Kill Confirmed (Spooky’s Kill Of Duty Remix)
Faze Miyake – Dead Battery
Faze Miyake – Gun Powder
Flava D – Infa Remix
Flava D – Sickman
DVA – The End
Preditah – Attack
Spooky – Gladiator 2012
Preditah – Groupies
Mosca – Bax
Preditah – Vinyls (Spooky’s Remix)
Plastician – Hard Kore
Woz – Brick Wall
Terror Danjah & Riko – Dark Crawler
Mr Mitch – Tash Wax


Here’s 2 raves you can catch me at over the forthcoming weeks:

THIS Thurs 9th August: KOG x Cherryade @ The Alibi, London

Fri 17th August: Juice Box @ Sunrooms, Southend

Until then… Enjoy!

‘Spartan’ Spooky

D Power x Deja Vu FM 5/12/11

Here is the 5th December D Power show with myself Spooky B2B D.O.K B2B Smallz with Diesle, Big Narstie, L.Man, Dreama & Infamous on mic! So CLICK HERE or the logos for the download!

While you’re here, I did a cover show for DJ Eastwood & LR Groove on Saturday night with Diesle, Flowdan, Dreama (N.A.A), Styler (G Fam) & Shadie controlling the mic so download that HERE.

Dont forget to tune in to the D Power show every Monday 8-10pm only on Deja Vu FM.


‘Spartan’ Spooky & Diesle