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Saturday 26 April: Don’t Watch That @ Birthdays, London

Saturday 26 April: Don’t Watch That @ Birthdays, London

Dont Watch That @ Birthdays, LDN - Sat 26 April 2014

Click here or the flyer to head to the event page.

Spooky Bizzle

Just Jam 103: Spooky

just jam 103

Been a while since I’ve graced Just Jam. So here’s my set from DJ Cable’s Triangulum Takeover. You can download the audio of this set from the flyer above or just click here.


Dizzee Rascal – Brand New Day (The Spooky Relick)
Killjoy – Lockdown
Teebone feat. Kie & Sparks – Fly Bi (Acapella)
Flava D – Home
Royal-T – I Know You Want Me
Spooky – Baby
Royal-T & D.O.K – Saints
Dizzee Rascal – Go (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – Gladiator R.I.P
J Beatz vs. Jay-Z – Is That Yo Bitch? (Remix)
Hi5 Ghost – Kung Fu Kick
Royal-T – Inside The Ride (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky & Neon Beats x Preditah – Nosy Parker R.I.P
Trends – Selecta
Mosca – Bax (Spooky’s Refix)
KSH & Filthy Vicars – Bazooka
Juzlo – Commando Riddim
Rude Kid – End Level
Swifta Beater – Easy V.I.P (Dubzta Remix)
Coki – Voodoo Dolls
JME – If You Don’t Know (Spooky’s Acapella)
Dash Total’d – Dreaming (Big Deann’s Grime Remix)
Neon Beats – Spooky’s Attack


Spooky Bizzle

Just Jam #53: Darq E Freaker Takeover – The Grime Cypher 9/5/12

Since I aint uploading shit quality radio shows this week I got this instead. Another Just Jam session. And this 1 is mad.

This time it was the Darq E Freaker takeover of Just Jam with myself Spooky b2b Dan Gar Dan alongside Big Narstie, Typah, Uncle Dreama, Natty, Villian, Spitz, Ten Dixon, Jamkay, Kid Bookie, Novelist & many many more! Video footage is after the drop and click HERE for the MP3 download.

You can also stream the cypher via Mixcloud by clicking here or the logo below.

Large up to Tim & Barry and everyone at Just Jam, Darq E Freaker and everyone else who was there.


‘Spartan’ Spooky

Just Jam #46: Spooky, Rage, Lexman, Durrty Skanx & Natty

Here’s the latest Just Jam set i’ve done.

This time I had Rage, Lexman, Durrty Skanx & Natty on mic duties. No download links this time round. Video footage is below.

If you only want audio, click here or the Mixcloud logo.


‘Spartan’ Spooky

Spooky B2B Smallz x Deja Vu FM 5/12/11

Here’s my 5th December #GrimeyMondays show with myself Spooky going back to back with DJ Smallz with new and exclusive bits from Royal-T, J Beatz, Teeza, Rage & Lex, Rampz & Killa P, myself Spooky, Charmzy (Black Op’s) & Moony alongside the usual suspects. So CLICK HERE or the logos below for the download!

Spooky b2b Smallz
Deja Vu FM www.DejaVuFM.com

Moony – I’m a UK G VIP (Spooky Special)
Royal-T & OG’z – RIP Hot Ones
P Jam – Arizona Skyz
J-Sweet & Alias – No Dream
Frighty – Anthill Mob Smash
Spooky – Razor Desire
Killa P – Phone My Phone
Trends – The Heist
Discarda – Cannon
Faze Miyake – Bawse
*EXCLUSIVE* Rampz & Killa P – Can’t Violate Us (Spooky’s Remix)
Rapid – Cheque (J Beatz Remix)
Lioness – All Black WinterNess
Rude Kid – Screwdriver
Discarda – Rhyme On (Spooky Special)
Darq E Freaker – Turbo Kids
Discarda & M.I.K – Lord Of The Hypes
Faze Miyake – Take Off VIP
Flux Pavilion & Doctor P – Superbad
Ego feat. Merky Ace & Shif Man – Match Fit
Rossi B & Luca – Lost In Limehouse
Obese feat Roachee, Scratchy, M.I.K & Trim – Man Know (Remix)
*Teaser* Spooky – Pulse 007
Teddy – Community Links
Wiley – It’s Wiley (Royal-T ‘Showa Eski’ Remix)
Royal-T – Pulse T
J Beatz – Pulse Tazer 4×4 (Smallz Special)
J Beatz & Co. – 8 Bar Mucktion (Darq E Freaker Ultra Mix)
J Beatz – R.I.P
Preditah – Vinyl’s
D.O.K – Wind Up
*EXCLUSIVE* Rage & Lex – Cheese Spliff (Spooky’s Remix)
Faze Miyake & Sir Spyro – Suspect (Spooky Special)
Kano feat. Scrufizzer – Crazy (Royal-T Remix)
Teeza – Switch
Faze Miyake – Take Off (Spooky’s Refix)
Rossi B & Luca feat. Flirta D – Mind The Gap
Teeza – Bounce VIP (Smallz Special)
Spooky – Spartan (Royal-T Remix)
Mosca – Bax
D Double E – Pumpin It Out
D.O.K – Sidedok
Footsie – Back To 95
Masro – Outta Da Blue (Spooky Special)
Charmzy – Ryder
D.O.K – Forward Day
Teeza – Axe1
Spooky – Head Rush
Spooky feat. Kozzie & Co. – Spartan R.I.P (Vocal)
Darq E Freaker – Lock Off The Rave Ultramental
Swindle – Airmiles
Royal-T – Inside The Ride
Merky Ace, Kozzie & Shif Man – Screwdriver V.I.P (Acapella)
*Teaser* Spooky – Punanny Party
Spooky – Night Hunter 2012

Catch me at Overproof x Dont Watch That TV Xmas Jam THIS THURSDAY 8th December 2011 @ East Village, London EC2.

While you’re here, I did a cover show for DJ Eastwood & LR Groove on Saturday night with Diesle, Flowdan, Dreama (N.A.A), Styler (G Fam) & Shadie controlling the mic so download that HERE.


‘Spartan’ Spooky

Spooky x Deja Vu FM 28/11/11

Here’s my 28th November #GrimeyMondays show featuring new bits from General Tank, Rude Kid, J Beatz, Darq E Freaker, Starkey, Mr. Mitch, StayFresh & Flava D alongside the usual suspects. So CLICK HERE or the logos below for the download!

Deja Vu FM www.DejaVuFM.com

Chimpo – Flamingo Skank
Preditah x M.I.K & Merky Ace – Shut Down Circles (Spooky Blend)
J Beatz – Sargent
Spooky feat. Kozzie & Co. – Spartan R.I.P
*TEASER* Teddy – Community Links
Spooky – Rusty Bell (J Sweet Remix) OUT NOW!
Terror Danjah & Ruby Lee Ryder – Full Attention (Spooky’s Half Asleep Remix)
Moony – Killing Time
Discarda & M.I.K – Lord Of The Hypes
*TEASER* Flava D – Who’s Got Bars
Mr. Mitch – The Last Stand
R1 Ryders – Rubberband (2012’s The End Refix)
J Beatz & Co. – 8 Bar Mucktion (Darq E Freaker Ultramix)
K1 – Admay
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion – Ode To The Badman
DJ Myrikal – O.S.G.
D Double E – Pumpin It Out
*TEASER* Teeza – Bounce V.I.P
DJ Eastwood – U Aint Ready (Danny B-Line Remix)
Big Narstie – Gas Leak (Spooky Special)
Rapid – Cheque (J Beatz Remix)
Discarda – Rhyme On (Spooky Special)
Rude Kid – Summer
Typah – I Got The Peng
Darq E Freaker – Blueberry
Paperbwoy feat. Big Narstie & L.Man – Fully Gassed
*TEASER* S-X – Woooo Riddim (DJ Q Remix)
Chimpo – Skeng Teng
Jamakabi – CV Freestyle (Acapella)
*TEASER* P Jam – Red Eye
*TEASER* L Wiz – 4.42 Oz
*TEASER* Footsie – Lionheart
Tubby – Real Life
Lauren Mason – Dirty Money (Spooky Special)
Teddy – The Night I Fell Asleep
General Tank & Co. – Flash Forward 8 Bar Seance
*TEASER* Faze Miyake & Teddy – Quantum
Teddy – Slug
Diesle & Big Narstie – Go Nuts (Orginal & Darq E Freaker Ultramix)
*TEASER* Darq E Freaker – Represent
*TEASER* Mr. Slash – Get Down
Exo Remedy – Demon
Flash G – Pearl
StayFresh – I Hear Ya Don
*TEASER* Preditah – Vinyls
Teddy – Afghan
Dimples feat. Styler & Random Impulse – Church Bells
*TEASER* Preditah – Hectic
Darq E Freaker – Turbo Kids
Styler – Perfect Time (Spooky Special)
*TEASER* DJ Myrikal – Drama Riddim
HK – Trap Sanctuary
Merky Ace, Kozzie & Shif Man – Screwdriver VIP (Acapella)
*TEASER* Sinkro – Sinkro Says
General Tank – Buzzer
Merky Ace – Greaze (Acapella)
*TEASER* Flava D – Rival Pain
Flava D – Slumper
Merky Ace – Everytime
*TEASER* Flava D – Poundman
Flava D – Pumpy
Jammin – No Singing (Acapella)
*TEASER* D.O.K – Golden Eye
*TEASER* D.O.K – West Coast V.I.P
Spyro – Wow (Meshak Nasty ‘Wowzerz’ Refix)
Magnetic Man feat. P Money – Anthemic (Faze Miyake Remix)
J Beatz – R.I.P.
*TEASER* Trends – Bukam Bukam
JME & Tempa T – CD Is Dead (Acapella)
J Beatz – Based Riddim
Tubby – Roll ‘Em
Quest – Hard Food
K1 – Armed Robbery
Drums Of Death – Cold Lazarus (Starkey Remix)
HK & Jemzi – Area 51
Spooky – Spartan (Mosca Dub)
LDP – Wild West

Catch me at Just Jam again this Wednesday 30th November 2011 going back 2 back with Teddy.

Then catch me at Overproof x Dont Watch That TV Xmas Jam on Thursday 8th December 2011 @ East Village, London EC2.

In the meantime… enjoy!

‘Spartan’ Spooky

D Power Halloween Special x Deja Vu FM 31/10/11

Wow. Here is the D Power Halloween special with myself ‘Spartan’ Spooky on decks and Diesle, Jamakabi, Gods Gift, Discarda, Villian, Obese & N Double A (L.Man, Infamous, Typah & Dreama) controlling the mic. Tracklisting is below the logo. Now, download the damn set HERE or from the logos below!

D Power Halloween Special
Spooky, Diesle, Jamakabi, Gods Gift, Villian, Discarda, Obese & N Double A (Typah, L.Man, Dreama & Infamous)
Deja Vu FM www.DejaVuFM.com

P Money – Blackberry
*TEASER* J Beatz – Tazer
OG’s vs Jack Daniels – Real Ones
*TEASER* Spooky – Spartan (J Sweet & Alias Remix)
Spooky & Kwam – Emm You Pee
Typah – I Got The Peng
Dreama – In The Building
N Double A – Pain Train Part 1
Paperbwoy feat. Big Narstie & L.Man – Fully Gassed
Spooky feat. Discarda & M.I.K – Lord Of The Hypes
Preditah x M.I.K & Merky Ace – Shut Down Circles (Spooky Blend)
Spooky & Co. – Spartan R.I.P (Vox)
Big Narstie – Gas Leak (Spooky Special)
Discarda – Rhyme On (Preditah Remix)
J Beatz & Co. – 8 Bar Mucktion [‘Pulse Tazer’ Vocal]
Chronik – Ring
D Double E – Pumpin It Out
Dexplicit x Tempa T – Explicit Hype (Spooky Blend)
Diesle & Big Narstie – Go Nuts
Diesle, Jammin & Jammer – Sicker
General Tank – Techtonic
Faze Miyake – Do This
Chimpo – Skeng Teng
Thomas Mellor – Knives & Forks
Faze Miyake & Teddy – Quantum
Teddy – Afghan
Teddy – Bin Laden
Rude Kid – Spring
Flava D – Slumper
J Beatz – Sargent
Teeza – Bounce
Spooky – Rude Activity
Preditah – Gargoyle
D.O.K – Sidedok
Faze Miyake – Take Off (Spooky’s Refix)
Darq E Freaker – ROAR
Spooky – Mind The Gap Remix
K1 – Admay
K1 – Admay VIP
Youngstar – Pulse X
Preditah – Circles
Trends – Green Forest
Trends – The Heist
DJ Marsta – Face Off
J Beatz – Cash Point (General Tank Remix)
Rocks – Showerface
Moony – Killing Time
Terror Danjah – East Village
Dreama – Terminator

Also, catch myself Spooky & N.A.A alongside fellow Deja Vu DJ’s for the Just Jam: Deja Vu FM Takeover! Streaming LIVE THIS WEDNESDAY 6-9PM only on DontWatchThat.tv 


‘Spartan’ Spooky