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Slew Dem x Deja Vu FM 6/2/12

Let’s just get into it. Monday 6th February 2012. The ‘Grimey Mondays’ set consisting of myself Spooky, Chronik, G Man, Rage & Dynamik from Slew Dem with DJ Smallz & Diesle. No tracklisting but the highlights are Faze Miyake ‘Dead Battery’ & ‘BOOM’ and Z Dot’s ‘Gangster’. Just click HERE or the logos above and below for the download. Video footage soon.


‘Spartan’ Spooky

D Power x Deja Vu FM Boxing Day 26/12/11 & 19/12/11

Here is Diesle’s Boxing Day 26th December Deja Vu FM show with Spooky B2B Smallz B2B Big Mikee alongside Diesle, Deadly, Mayhem (NODB), Saf-1, L.Man, Big Narstie, Dreama, Typah, Infamous, Dimples, Styler & Sicx on mic!

So CLICK HERE or the logos for the download!

Also, here is Diesle’s 19th December Deja Vu FM show with Spooky B2B D.O.K B2B Big Mikee alongside Diesle, Jammer, Big Narstie, Rival, Killa P, Sharky Major, Lil Nasty, Dapz, Scorpz, Lil Choppa, Discarda, Dreama, Infamous, Rampz & Tips on mic!

So CLICK HERE or the logos for the download!


Spooky B2B Smallz x Deja Vu FM 5/12/11

Here’s my 5th December #GrimeyMondays show with myself Spooky going back to back with DJ Smallz with new and exclusive bits from Royal-T, J Beatz, Teeza, Rage & Lex, Rampz & Killa P, myself Spooky, Charmzy (Black Op’s) & Moony alongside the usual suspects. So CLICK HERE or the logos below for the download!

Spooky b2b Smallz
Deja Vu FM www.DejaVuFM.com

Moony – I’m a UK G VIP (Spooky Special)
Royal-T & OG’z – RIP Hot Ones
P Jam – Arizona Skyz
J-Sweet & Alias – No Dream
Frighty – Anthill Mob Smash
Spooky – Razor Desire
Killa P – Phone My Phone
Trends – The Heist
Discarda – Cannon
Faze Miyake – Bawse
*EXCLUSIVE* Rampz & Killa P – Can’t Violate Us (Spooky’s Remix)
Rapid – Cheque (J Beatz Remix)
Lioness – All Black WinterNess
Rude Kid – Screwdriver
Discarda – Rhyme On (Spooky Special)
Darq E Freaker – Turbo Kids
Discarda & M.I.K – Lord Of The Hypes
Faze Miyake – Take Off VIP
Flux Pavilion & Doctor P – Superbad
Ego feat. Merky Ace & Shif Man – Match Fit
Rossi B & Luca – Lost In Limehouse
Obese feat Roachee, Scratchy, M.I.K & Trim – Man Know (Remix)
*Teaser* Spooky – Pulse 007
Teddy – Community Links
Wiley – It’s Wiley (Royal-T ‘Showa Eski’ Remix)
Royal-T – Pulse T
J Beatz – Pulse Tazer 4×4 (Smallz Special)
J Beatz & Co. – 8 Bar Mucktion (Darq E Freaker Ultra Mix)
J Beatz – R.I.P
Preditah – Vinyl’s
D.O.K – Wind Up
*EXCLUSIVE* Rage & Lex – Cheese Spliff (Spooky’s Remix)
Faze Miyake & Sir Spyro – Suspect (Spooky Special)
Kano feat. Scrufizzer – Crazy (Royal-T Remix)
Teeza – Switch
Faze Miyake – Take Off (Spooky’s Refix)
Rossi B & Luca feat. Flirta D – Mind The Gap
Teeza – Bounce VIP (Smallz Special)
Spooky – Spartan (Royal-T Remix)
Mosca – Bax
D Double E – Pumpin It Out
D.O.K – Sidedok
Footsie – Back To 95
Masro – Outta Da Blue (Spooky Special)
Charmzy – Ryder
D.O.K – Forward Day
Teeza – Axe1
Spooky – Head Rush
Spooky feat. Kozzie & Co. – Spartan R.I.P (Vocal)
Darq E Freaker – Lock Off The Rave Ultramental
Swindle – Airmiles
Royal-T – Inside The Ride
Merky Ace, Kozzie & Shif Man – Screwdriver V.I.P (Acapella)
*Teaser* Spooky – Punanny Party
Spooky – Night Hunter 2012

Catch me at Overproof x Dont Watch That TV Xmas Jam THIS THURSDAY 8th December 2011 @ East Village, London EC2.

While you’re here, I did a cover show for DJ Eastwood & LR Groove on Saturday night with Diesle, Flowdan, Dreama (N.A.A), Styler (G Fam) & Shadie controlling the mic so download that HERE.


‘Spartan’ Spooky

Spooky – Soundwave Promo Mix

The last couple of days leading up to this I have fully been a myth & it was about time I hit the studio and banged out a quick mix for those who have missed out on a “percy ingle” mix-n-blend from me. So, with Soundwave around the corner, I did a little mix for the new boys on the block in the lead-up to their rave on the 6th October @ The Alibi.
I also did the advert for them on a quick “fly-by” ting.
Click the promo flyer to download the mix. Enjoy!

(P.S. if you enjoy the mix, you can expect this & more on 6th October @ The Alibi. Click here for the Facebook event page.)

Soundwave Promo Mix #1
Mixed by Spooky
(Urban FM TV/Slew Dem)

Ghetto – Grime Daily
Spooky & Nu Klear – Liquid Nitrogen
Terror Danjah – Menace
Spyro & D.O.K – Missing
The Others – Off The Wall
Katy B – Katy On A Mission
Sukh Knight – Gabba Wasp
Sony – Wizzy Wang (Spooky Special)
Fused Forces & DJ Cable – Bungee Jump
Badness – Silencer
DJ Enme & Crazy D – Terminator
B Live, Skepta, Newham Generals & Spyda – Modern Warfare 2
*Teaser* Rude Kid – Always Ready
Joker – Tron
Terror Danjah – Creepy Crawler R.I.P
Mr Lager feat. Alys Blaze – Tell Me
The Others – Gravity
Merky Ace, Kozzie & Shif Man – Screwdriver V.I.P
Chase & Status – Eastern Jam V.I.P
Sukh Knight – Born Invincible (Spooky’s ‘Born Again’ Refix)
Swindle & Skibadee – Woi
Spooky – Bashment Woooo
JME & Tempa T – CD Is Dead (Acapella)
Spooky – Punanny Party Riddim

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Soundwave 6th October @ The Alibi

So we have a new grime rave on the block and it’s called Soundwave. It all kicks off on Wednesday 6th October @ The Alibi with all of the grime DJ’s from Urban FM TV alongside Score 5 & Scope from Rinse FM and it’s FREE ENTRY!!!

Could you even ask for more?

Click the flyer for the Facebook event page.