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Spooky & D Double E – Bassline Murder

This maybe a Logan Sama dubplate special…………………. but THIS is the result when the grime legend that is D Double E laced his vocals over a beat I called ‘The Devil Within’.

The instrumental can be found here

*This is a Kiss 100 radio rip*

Spooky’s ‘Ghost House’ 2010 Showreel

1. The Devil Within (forthcoming on the ‘Murderer EP‘)
2. Bad Influence
3. Top 3 Selected Remix (the infamous beat used by P Money)
4. Purple Smoke
5. Morse Code Riddim
6. Trick Or Treat

Spooky ‘Ghose House’ 2010 showreel 1 by spookybizzle

Beat number 1 recently just got ‘murdered‘…

& if you’re baffled about what beat number 3 was used for, let me refresh your memory.