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Eskimo Dance x Keepn It Grimy x Boiler Room Set @ ICA 28/6/15 w/ Spooky, Jammz, Mic Ty, Capo Lee, Nico Lindsay, AJ Tracey, Big Zuu, Jay Amo, Row.D, YGG (PK, Saint & Lyrical Strally), Ten Dixon & RD


Here’s the Eskimo Dance x Keepin It Grimy x Boiler Room set at ICA w/ myself Spooky alongside Jammz, Mic Ty, Capo Lee, Nico Lindsay, AJ Tracey, Big Zuu, Jay Amo, Row.D, YGG (PK, Saint & Lyrical Strally), Ten Dixon & RD.

Both video and audio stream are supplied below for your listening or viewing pleasure 🙂

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You can also download the audio when you click here.


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Wot Do You Call It – 1st Birthday


One year ago ‘Wot Do You Call It’ was born. To celebrate their 1st birthday, they linked up with Radar Radio last month in a secret London location and got over 50 MCs to come down and bless a set with me and DJ Argue running the riddims.


You got Big Zuu, Jammz, Mic Ty, AJ Tracey, Ghostly, Mez, Snowy, Kyeza, Snoopa, Grim Sickers, Row.D, K Wing, J Wing, Pawz, C Cane, Rage, Majicall, Hitman Hyper, Rhimez, Desperado, Izzie Gibbs, Rampage, Discarda, Shizz, Villain, Grimey, Saint, PK, Blakie, Deejillz, Syder, Lyrical Strally, 2 Face, Royal, Shivz Dotz, So Large, RD, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker, Ten Dixon, Mr X along many more!

Check the video footage below and stream or download the audio from the Soundcloud.


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Spooky x Mode FM – Night Shift 3/6/15

Gonna be documenting my Mode FM shows from now so here’s my ‘Night Shift’ on Mode FM from Wednesday 3rd June 2015 alongside Mic Ty, Big Zuu, Capo Lee, Nico Lindsay, Big H, Milli Major, Pauly Papers, Rocks, Jammin, RD, Eklipse, Dubz D & Blaze.

No tracklist. Just stream or download from the Soundcloud below.

Also, get a glimpse of what went down with the video footage below shot by F Velody.


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#GimmeGrime w/ Jammz, Mic Ty, Row.D, Ghostly, Lyrical Strally, PK, Saint P, AJ Tracey & Big Zuu x 1Xtra 24/3/15


Here’s my #GimmeGrime takeover broadcast on BBC Radio 1Xtra on Tuesday 24th March 2015 alongside just some of the current wave of pirate radio shellers including (in order) Big Zuu, Saint P, PK, Lyrical Strally, AJ Tracey, Jammz, Row.D, Mic Ty & Ghostly. Big up DJ Cameo for getting me to run the 1st #GimmeGrime takeover!

Check the video below with full tracklist underneath.

Spooky w/ Big Zuu, Saint P, PK, Lyrical Strally, AJ Tracey, Jammz, Row.D, Mic Ty & Ghostly
BBC Radio 1Xtra

Spooky – Amerie’s Love
Rude Kid – Voices
Smasher – Time Machine
Kahn – ?
DJ Dreddy – Invasion (Jawside Bootleg)
J Beatz – Hybrid
Mischief – Big Pimpin
Treble Clef – Ghetto Kyote (Polonis Refix)
Audio Slugs – Heavy Machinery
Dem 2 – Destiny (Spooky Refix)
DJ Q – Ahh
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid
Big Mikee – Gully Skank
Heavytrackerz – Wait In Line
Spooky – Slim’s Dub
Skeptical – Chain Reaction
Spooky – Trance Navigator


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GetDarkerTV 255: Spooky [White Peach Takeover]

getdarker 3 feb

Here’s my 3rd appearance on GetDarker. This time for the White Peach Records Takeover alongside Impey, Zha, Grandmixxer & Novelist.

Watch as I mix, blend, drop, chop & juggle my way though a bag of riddims just short of an hour. Expect to hear some Trends, Rude Kid, Kahn, Neek, Scruloose, Jawside, Arctic, Dubzta, Incipe, Solo 45, Arma, Moony, Soloman, Mr Dubz, Murlo, Wiley, Nomis & Maribor & more!

Watch me live in action above or stream & download from the Soundcloud below.


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#FlashbackFriday: GetDarker TV 018 – Spooky

getdarker 3 feb

In the run-up to my 3rd appearance on GetDarker TV, they have unleashed audio & video of my 1st appearance with Darkside & Cluekid.

Stream or download from the Soundcloud & watch the full show below.


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Spooky B2B Big Mikee w/ Invasion, Full Force, Nationality, SoBow, Jammz & co – Deja Vu FM 8/12/14

Here’s the ‘Grimey Mondays’ 8th December 2014 show with myself Spooky b2b Big Mikee alongside Invasion (Hitman, Sox, Tazzle, Tana, Villain, Izzie Gibbs), Full Force (Webster, Genos, Brutez, Breeza, Tony Touch, Reload, Trapz, CS), Big Shizz, Cadell, Jammin, RD, Jammz, Grimey MicPol, Rampage & more + the ‘Golden Oldie’ of the week by Wiley! So click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download or you can stream the whole set in FULL recorded LIVE straight from the Deja HQ below!

Deja Vu FM logo

Spooky b2b Big Mikee w/ Invasion, Full Force,
Nationality, So Bow, Jammz, Rampage etc
Deja Vu FM

Trends & Neon Beats – Show You
Dizzee Rascal – Strings Hoe (Wen Refix)
Mytus feat. Flirta D & Big H – Who They Watching
JT The Goon – Garden Of Eden
J Beatz – Hybrid
Blacks feat. Jendor & Slickman – Work
***Golden Oldie*** Wiley – Morgue
JT The Goon – Twin Warriors (Murlo Remix)
Deeco – If You Don’t Know (Trends Bootleg)
Asa & Sorrow – Shook
Meridian Dan – 1 2 Drinks
Joker – Tron (Kromestar Remix)
Redlight – 9TS (Teddy Remix)
The Square – Pengaleng
VesperTown – King George
Swing Ting – Bad Riddim
Spooky – Party Dub
Starkey feat. D Double E – Screwed On
Kahn & Neek – Chevy (Spooky R.I.P)
Arma – Mariah
Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law (Hi5 Ghost Refix)
Wiley – On A Level
Dullah Beatz – Samba Town
P Money – Originators
Lil Silva – The 3rd
Rabit feat. Riko Dan – Black Dragons
Mystry – Thermos
Maximum feat. Newbaan & Boy Better Know – Shaky
*Teaser* Trends – Death Race 2000
*Teaser* Faze Miyake – Dead Battery
*Teaser* DJ Q – Caught Up
*Teaser* Murlo – Hydra
Mr Dubz – Grom V.I.P
Styler – Grimey
TC4 – Alpha
J Wing – Come Against I
Mumdance – So Squalid

>>> The Shelling <<<
Doctor Jeep – Ghost Dance V.I.P
T Dubz – I Luv Pulse X
Spooky – Glanny Dover
Maniac – Three Crows
Jammz + Syx – Martians
Lolingo – Taliban
Rynsa Man – Meet Rynnie Shmurdah
Footsie – Battery
Kahn – ?
Swifta Beater – Ski Mask
Spooky – Slim’s Dub
Scruloose – Oxidate
Commodo – Space Cash
Hi5 Ghost – Kung Fu Kick (Lemzly Dale Remix)
Spooky – Pulse 007
Zha – Southampton Lengman
Plastician – Cha
Hi5 Ghost & Trends – Duppy Maker
Teddy – Last Phone Call (Soloman Refix)
Incipe – Gully Valentino
Bossman – Bongo Eyes V.I.P
K1 – Circulation
Spooky – Playground (DJ Cable R.I.P)
Spyro – Tekkerz (DJ Cable Refix)
Swifta Beater – Roll
Dizzee Rascal – Go (Spooky Refix)
OH91 – Stealth (Spooky Remix)
Trends – Selecta
Swifta Beater – ?
Swifta Beater – ?
Preditah – ?
? – ?
Teddy – North Skull
? – ?
Preditah – Guinness Punch
Spyro & Spooky – Secret Agents
Rude Kid – Victory
Mystry – Pulse R
? – ?
? – ?
Spooky – Cherry
K1 – Deliverance
Swifta Beater – ?
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid 2014
Spooky – Still Trappin’
Dullah Beatz – Ghost
Swifta Beater – Bogle V.I.P
Swifta Beater – Choir Gang V.I.P
Spooky – Gully Hill
Footsie – Traps
? – ?
Mystry – Larry Hoova V.I.P
Preditah – Newspaper
MssingNo – 124th
? – ?
Darx – ?
Mad Vybez – It’s A Trap
? – ?
? – ?
Preditah – ?
Preditah – Cookies
Swifta Beater – Levels



Catch me at the following raves:

Saturday 27 December: Eskimo Dance @ Indigo2, London

NYE Wednesday 31 December: For The Love of Garage @ The 100 Club, London

Thursday 16 January: Brighton

Friday 23 January: Jamz @ Thekla, Bristol

Saturday 24 January: Jamz – All Night All Vinyl Set @ The Alibi, London

Tuesday 27 January: Jamz @ The Wire, Leeds


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Spooky – The Five Pound Munch

Done ‘The Five Pound Munch’ with The Grime Report the other day. Possibly the best one. Honest.


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Spooky w/ Rage, Lexman, Majicall, Pawz, C Cane & Lavz x Mode FM 23/5/14

mode fm

Here’s video footage of my Mode FM set from Wednesday 25 May 2014 with Rage, Lexman, Majicall, Pawz, C-Cane and Lavz blessing the set with bars galore.

Audio download will be coming soon! Big up @SpindarkRecords for filming!

Follow us: @SpartanSpooky    & 


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Butterz in The Lab

butterz mixmag

Every Friday you get the best DJs kick starting your weekend in The Lab at Mixmag. They invited the Butterz lads round ahead of their FabricLive 75 launch which saw me, Elijah & Skilliam, Flava D and Murlo dropping bombs while the Mixmag office got their skank on.

If you missed it or you wanna watch it again, then check it out below!

Quick little read when you click here.


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