About Spooky

London-based DJ, producer & remixer.

Producer of 2010 grime anthem ‘Spartan’.

Also known as Spooky Bizzle or ‘Spartan’ Spooky.

Runs the Ghost House label.

Runs a weekly radio show – the #NightShift – on Mode FM (www.ModeFM.com) Wednesdays 12-3am GMT

DJ bookings: Danny@earth-agency.com

To submit ONLY grime, garage or bass music for potential club & radio play (in 320k MP3 or WAV format), e-mail: spookybizzle@googlemail.com

Big up for browsing!


9 responses to “About Spooky

  1. Good shit, bruv. Thanks.

  2. Have Any Specific Date For Spartan Digital Release Mate?
    Not Being Impatient Just Curious

  3. Hey. Can I ask about the Mark Morrison vocals you will be using? I am a huge fan of Mark, and would love to hear new 2011 vocals. Many thanks

  4. Soundbwoykillahs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Respect spooky bizzle

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