Wot Do You Call It – 1st Birthday


One year ago ‘Wot Do You Call It’ was born. To celebrate their 1st birthday, they linked up with Radar Radio last month in a secret London location and got over 50 MCs to come down and bless a set with me and DJ Argue running the riddims.


You got Big Zuu, Jammz, Mic Ty, AJ Tracey, Ghostly, Mez, Snowy, Kyeza, Snoopa, Grim Sickers, Row.D, K Wing, J Wing, Pawz, C Cane, Rage, Majicall, Hitman Hyper, Rhimez, Desperado, Izzie Gibbs, Rampage, Discarda, Shizz, Villain, Grimey, Saint, PK, Blakie, Deejillz, Syder, Lyrical Strally, 2 Face, Royal, Shivz Dotz, So Large, RD, Jammin, Blaze, Lady Shocker, Ten Dixon, Mr X along many more!

Check the video footage below and stream or download the audio from the Soundcloud.


Spooky Bizzle

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