Spooky + Row.D x Deja Vu FM 22/9/14

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 22nd September 2014 show with special guest Row.D (Follow: @Row_D_N3) plus *NEW* tunes from DJ Maximum & Boy Better Know, Styler, LJ, Killjoy, Deadbeat, Mr Dubz, Dubzta, Gundam, Levlz, Cotti and more + my ‘Golden Oldie’ of the week by Mark ‘Ruff’ Ryder & MC Vapour + my ‘Super Spin’ of the month by J Beatz! So click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Spooky + Row.D
Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

DJ Maximum feat. Newbaan & Boy Better Know – Shaky
Row.D – I’m A Grime Kid
Teddy – Vicious
Jammz – Do Your Job
Spooky – Slim’s Dub
Flowdan – Fuck About
Zha – Levels
Manga feat. Double S – Nang
Sukh Knight – Space Rail
Cotti – Ammo (Vital Techniques x Mikey B Remix)
Asa & Sorrow – Shook
Skepta – Gunshot Riddim Special (Gundam Refix)
Discarda – AKA Vomit [Spooky Special]
Scampz – Bang Bang
CASisDEAD – Seein’ Double
Deadbeat – Good 2 Me (Killjoy Remix)
Zha – Southampton Lengman
***Spooky’s Super Spin*** Mark Ruff Ryder & MC Vapour – Move Your Body
Dubzta – White Dee (Mr Dubz Remix)
Dubzta – Still Got Love (Mr Dubz Remix)
Gundam – Pulse Wedding
Moony – Ballin (Mr Dubz Remix)
Drone – Skengman Mode (Spooky Remix)

> Special Guest: Row.D <
Spooky – Bad Boy
Spooky – Unchained Slaves
Spooky – Oh Boy
Dullah Beatz – One Chance
Notion – Horror Show
Jammz – Keep It Simple Stupid 2014
Spyro & Spooky – Secret Agents
Spooky – Gun Piper
Levlz – Crud
Soloman vs. Wiley – Eski Leng
Trends & JL SXND7RS – The Undertaker
Spyro – S-Files
Spyro – Silo Grass
Spyro – Chung Li
Row.D – Missy
Deeco – If You Don’t Know (Trends Bootleg)
Spooky – Playground V.I.P
Dullah Beatz – Ghost
Bigshot – Glitch (Trends Remake)
Kahn – ?
Black Op’s – Invasion (Jawside Bootleg)
J Beatz – Hybrid

LJ – Arkham City
Juzlo – Life Goes On
Spooky – Coolie Joyride (Murlo V.I.P)
Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash (Murlo Booty)
Murlo x Novelist – Flavour
*Teaser* Trends & JL SXND7RS – The Undertaker R.I.P
Arkane Soul – Buying
Novelist – SnowForest [Spooky Dub]
Spooky – Amerie’s Love
***Spooky’s Super Spin*** J Beatz – Baby Powder
DJ Q – Ahh
Footsie – White Box
Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck (HeavyTrackerz Remix feat. Meridian Dan)
J Beatz – 138 Leng
Footsie – Work All Day
Chaos & Order – Distress Signal
Impey – D.R.U.G.S
Skepta feat. JME – That’s Not Me
Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law (Hi5 Ghost Refix)
Sorrow – Headtop Smash
Hi5 Ghost – Teflon
Hi5 Ghost & Trends – Duppy Maker
Manic – Old Hype (Bad Man)
Star One – Looking Further
Rocks – 2003 Raver
Styler – Grimey
Spyro – Tekkerz (DJ Cable Refix)
Trends – Pump It Up
Incipe – Gully Valentino
Lolingo – Ring Out
Lolingo – Big Mac
Lolingo – New Cross Gate
Danny Weed – Creeper (Royal-T Remix)
MssingNo – XE2 (Spooky V.I.P)



Catch me at the following raves:

Friday 3 October: BPM @ Roadhouse, Manchester

Saturday 4 October: Kurupt FM presents Champagne Steam Rooms @ The Warehouse, Leeds

Saturday 18 October: Licked Beatz @ Plan B, London

Tuesday 21 October: Tumble Audio @ The Wire, Leeds

Friday 7 November: Kurupt FM presents Champagne Steam Rooms @ Brixton Jamm, London

Until then… enjoy!

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    Yes, this weeks grimey Mondays from Spooky with Row-D on mic!

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