Spooky & DPower x Deja Vu FM 16/9/13 – The War Report Show

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 16th September 2013 show – dubbed ‘The War Report Show’ with *NEW* tunes from Jookie Mundo, Plastician, Uncle Dreama, Flava D, Neon Beats, Goth Trad, Row.D and war dubs from Maxsta & Stelf, Kozzie, Proton, K9, Villain, Natty, Invasion Alert, Drifter, M.I.K, 9 Milli Major and more! So click here or the Deja Vu FM logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Spooky & DPower
The War Report Show
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

DPower feat. Riko, Frisco, Mayhem NODB, Saf1, Chronik & G Man – Horror Show 2
General L.O.K – Windows Media
Blacks & Footsie feat. Little Dee – Lunatic
Trends – Night and Day
C4 & Trilla – Slogan Plz
Plastician – Hit Somebody
Mr Dubz – Grom (LJ Remix)
StayFresh feat. Mayhem NODB – How We Roll
OH91 – Stealth
Smodi – Guava
Hizzleguy & Gandi – 84 Gigs Deep
Murlo & Famous Eno – Ariel (Spooky Remix)
U.S.F – Bongo Gladiator
Neon Beats – Dutty Bass V.I.P
Lil Silva – The 3rd
Spooky – The Funeral
Stylez – Give Me A Signal
Goth Trad – Back To Chill
*Spooky’s Super Spin* DJ Q – Caught Up
Jookie Mundo – Joking Me
Murlo – Hydra
Nasty Jack – Ultimate Lazer
Snoopy Dubz – Keyboard Ninja
Scruloose – Ice Lolly
Uncle Dreama – You Tell Me
Rude Kid – End Level
Row.D – Who Should I Spin?

***War Report***

Maxsta & Stelf – What It Looks Like
Tez Kidd – Kozzie & Lee Brasco Send
DPower – The Warm Up Dub
Saskilla – Breaking Bad
Invasion Alert – War Dub
Proton – Grime Scene Massacre
Blizzard – Earthworm Jim
Villain – Koz The Bean Head
Natty – R.I.P Saskia
K9 – Fuck FGM
9 Milli Major – Too Many MCs
Jamkay – Breaking Bad Part 2
M.I.K – War Face Don
Kozzie – Anyone Can Get It
Drifter – Case Done
Vader – Multiple Deaths
DPower – The Warm Up Dub 2
Manga – SmaddyAhGuhDead
Villain – War Dub 2

***DPower In Session***

Adam Mac x Dubzta – Speed
Masro – Dead Dot
Sir Spyro – Bruce Wayne
Tre Mission – Gas
Darx – Cold
Thomas Mellor – Empire
G1 – Shaolin Style
*Replay* Spooky – The Funeral
Darkness – Kraken
Darko – GhostMode
RSK – Happy Nation
Footsie – Exodus
Adam Mac – Dubshine (Dubzta Remix)
M.I.K – Oh
Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law
Majora – Boss Key (Sergic Remix)
BigDeann – RoboCop
Preditah – Threat (Spooky’s Refix)
Flava D – War Dub 3
Sir Spyro – Dubplate Drama (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – Coolie Joyride (Zha Refix)
JME – If You Don’t Know (Spooky’s Acapella)
Spooky x Masro – Utter Madnezz R.I.P



+++ BOOKINGS +++

Catch me at the following raves:

Tuesday 1st October: Pulse @ The Alibi *Free Entry*

Friday 4th October: Boxed @ Fabric, London

Saturday 26th October: Goonie Island @Coalition, Brighton

Saturday 16th November: Eskimo Dance @ Indigo2, O2 Arena, London

Until then… enjoy!

Spooky Bizzle


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