Spooky w/ DPower & Clipson x Deja Vu FM 9/9/13

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 9th September 2013 show with DPower & Clipson on mic duties along with a new ‘Super Spin’ of the month courtesy of DJ Q plus *NEW* tunes from Murlo, Big H, Darko, LJ, Dubzta, Smodi, Adam Mac, RSK, Boofy, Flava D, Bloodline, Matt Wizard, Tim Lowry, JLSanders, Nasty Jack, Manic and more so click here or the Deja Vu logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM logo

Spooky w/ D Power & Clipson
Grimey Mondays
Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Flava D – Hold On V.I.P (feat. P Jam & Royal-T)
Trolley Snatcha – Pass Me By (O.P.P & Filthy Vicars Refix)
Mosca – Bax (Spooky’s Refix)
Trends – Selecta
Mr Dubz – Grom (LJ Remix)
Trends – Night & Day
Swindle – Mood Swings (BigDeann’s Jazzy Remix)
Footsie – Congo
Killjoy – Lockdown
Murlo – Hydra
Juzlo – Once In A Wyle
JLSanders – Destroy Form Remix
OH91 – Stealth (Spooky Remix)
Sir Spyro – Dubplate Drama (Spooky’s Refix)
StayFresh feat. Mayhem NODB – How We Roll
*Teaser* Spooky & Neon Beats x Preditah – Nosy Parker R.I.P
Hi5Ghost – Kung Fu Kick
D.O.K – Led
Royal-T & D.O.K – Saints
Murlo & Famous Eno – Ariel (Spooky Remix)
Spooky x Champion – Lighter R.I.P
Trends – Green Forest Remix
Spooky – Spartan R.I.P
Spooky – Baby
Big H feat. Flirta D, Meridian Dan & Footsie – Been Doin This
Hizzleguy – Cannon Drill
Wiley – Flying
Adam Mac x Dubzta – Speed
Scruloose – Ice Lolly
Royal-T – Koopa Shell
Smodi – Guava
BigDeann – Robocop
JME – If You Don’t Know (Spooky’s Acapella)
*Spooky’s Super Spin* DJ Q – Caught Up
P Money – Ahh Peak
Snoopy Dubz – Keyboard Ninja
Boofy – Warzone
Majora – Boss Key (Sergic Remix)
Nasty Jack – Lazer
*Teaser* Paperbwoy & DJ Cameo – Bad Boy
Mystry – Swampras
Stylez – Give Me A Signal
Mystry – Larry Hoova
D Power & Footsie – Gully Gully
Darx – Anxiety
Flirta D & Big Narstie – Foolish Base
Mr. Mitch – September
Spooky – Spartan (Mosca Dub)
Bloodline – Cruisin’ Cars
Chimpo – Skeng Teng
C4 & Trilla – Slogan Plz
Darx – Element Chords
Adam Mac – No More
Dubzta – Can’t Describe
LJ – Megatron
Mr Dubz – Grom (Dubzta Remix)
Darko – Ghostmode
RSK – Pattern 8
Just Dan – Champion
Matt Wizard – Galaxy High
P Jam – Spaz Out
Dubzta – Skam
Rynsa Man x SNY – SLMPD Link Up
Tim Lowry – Grand Theft Auto
Darkness – Kraken
Sir Spyro – Dead
Darx – Life
Sir Spyro – Blunt
Deeco – Super Base
Darx – Cold
Stirling – Wave Runner
Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law
Spooky – Devil’s Paradise
Spooky – Pulse 007
Spooky x Masro – Utter Madnezz R.I.P
Preditah – Threat (Spooky’s Refix)
Joker – Tron (Spooky’s Remix)
Mystry – Thermos
Lil Silva – Quest
Spooky meets Floetry – Say Yes
*Teaser* Anton F – Basic Instinct
Manic – Old No. 7



+++ BOOKINGS +++

Catch me at the following raves:

Pack London @ Fire, London - 13th Sept 2013

Block24 @ Rhythm Factory, London - 20th Sept 2013

Swing Ting @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester -  21st Sept 2013

Friday 13th September: Pack London @ Fire, London *UKG Set*

Friday 20th September: Block24 @ Rhythm Factory, London

Saturday 21st September: Swing Ting @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Friday 4th October: Boxed @ Fabric, London

Saturday 26th October: Goonie Island @Coalition, Brighton

Saturday 16th November: Eskimo Dance @ Indigo2, O2 Arena, London

Until then… enjoy!

Spooky Bizzle


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