Spooky x Deja Vu FM 18/6/12

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 18th June show with 2 new Spooky remixes of JME ‘Murking’ & Skarlett ‘Sweets’, new tunes from General Tank, Hitman, Nasty Jack, Mr. Mitch, D Power & Discarda along with tunes from Mella Dee, Blacks, Royal-T, Mr Virgo, Footsie, Darq E Freaker, Swindle & Silkie, Champion, Merky Ace, M.I.K, El-B, Dubplate Mex and many more! So click here or the logos for the download!

Deja Vu FM http://www.DejaVuFM.com

Swindle & Silkie – Unlimited
Mz Bratt – Selecta (Acapella)
Tickles – Da Growler
Marcus Nasty & Funk Butcher feat. Beezy – Checkmate
Discarda & Jammer – Banged Your Head Off The Wall
StayFresh – Shutdown (The ‘Easy’ Remix)
*Teaser* Mella Dee & Jera – M62
Royal-T – Inside The Ride
JME – Murking (Spooky’s Remix)
BassBoy – Yes
D Power & Discarda – Talking About
Champion – Speed
Dubplate Mex – Slow V.I.P
Merky Ace – Eff Tizzy
Breen – Southbound
Blacks – I’m O’G’s
General Tank – Judgement Day
Tubby – Madd One
M.I.K – Mor£
Kromestar – Noiz
Sir Spyro feat. Merky Ace & Ego – Get Along Gang
*Teaser* Kutz – G742
Roska – 480 BC
Chronik – Man In The Boot
Faze Miyake – Gun Powder
Darq E Freaker – Mystic
Footsie Vs. Darq E Freaker – B.O.G (Bag Of Grease)
Footsie & Dada – No More 45
DJ Swerve & OG’z – Comeback Riddim
Mr Virgo – Cinematic
SRC – Tangerine
Hitman – Shutdown Raves
*Teaser* Mr. Mitch – Bethlem Royal
Mr. Mitch – Nico
Nasty Jack – Girls Love Nasty
*Teaser* Flava D – Flamingo
*Teaser* Bok Bok – Silo Pass
J Beatz – Grave Yard
Double Oddz – Frontline Champion (Spooky V.I.P Blend)
*Teaser* Mossmade Beatz – Winston’s Warriors
*Teaser* Trends – Party Time
J Beatz – R.I.P
Skarlett – Sweets (Spooky’s Sweet & Sour Remix)
Spooky – Gladiator 2012
J-Sweet – Kerb (Spooky’s Remix)
Spooky – Pulse 007
Spooky & Neon Beats – Nosy Parker R.I.P
Neon Beats – Attack V.I.P
Zinc – Goin In (Royal-T Remix)
El-B – Son De Cali
K1 – Eulogized
Mr. Mitch – Tash Wax
Terror Danjah & D.O.K – Morph 2
Mella Dee – CTRL
Woz – Brick Wall
Plastician – Plasbar
*Replay* JME – Murking (Spooky’s Remix)
*Teaser* Spooky – Code 9
Spooky – Playground 2012


‘Spartan’ Spooky


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