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Spooky x Deja Vu FM 23/4/12

Here’s my latest ‘Grimey Mondays’ 23rd April show with new tunes and tunes from forthcoming & current releases by Durrty Skanx, Rival, Teddy, D Power, Big Narstie, Swifta Beater, Marcus Nasty & Funk Butcher, Darq E Freaker, Mr. Mitch, Merky Ace, Shiftee & Badman Shark, Trends, Scott Garcia, DJ Narrows & many more! So click here or the logos below for the download!

Deja Vu FM

DJ Narrows – L’Ouverture (Part 3)
Shiftee & Badman Shark – EKG Riddim
Darq E Freaker – Don’t Go!
Scott Garcia feat. Shizzio, PSG, Jammer, Shabba D & Big Narstie – Come Get Some (20:20 Remix)
J Beatz – Injunction (Mr. Mitch Remix)
Big Narstie – Bars 4 Days (Acapella)
*Teaser* Avery Caines – Bongo Point Blank
Preditah – Nosy Parker (Spooky & Neon Beats Refix)
Tempa T – Next Hype (Acapella – Spooky’s Edit)
Spooky – Bass Box
Spooky feat. Kozzie & Co. – Spartan R.I.P
Spooky – Circles R.I.P
Faze Miyake – Take Off (Spooky’s Refix)
Merky Ace feat. Blacks & P Money – Everytime Remix
DJ Narrows – Saved Soul
Oris Jay – Salute
Double Oddz – Frontline Champion (Spooky V.I.P Blend)
*Teaser* P Jam – Arizona Skyz
*Teaser* DJ Zinc – 138 Trek
Spooky – Curry Chips
DS1 – Stuck In The Machine V.I.P
K1 – Streetlights (wud’s Refix)
Marcus Nasty & Funk Butcher feat. Beezy – Checkmate
Swifta Beater – Easy
Jammer – Feedback (J Beatz 2011 Remix)
D.O.K – Cardio
Jammer & Lord Of The Mics Allstars – Lord Of The Mics (Acapella)
*Teaser* D.O.K – Fireball
D.O.K – Penalty
D Power, Frisco, Riko, Chronik, Flowdan & G Man – Horror Show
Darq E Freaker – Mystic
Big Narstie – Pain Gang
Preditah – Rubicon
Rival – Headshot Season
Mr Snowman – Pink Elephants
Discarda – Rhyme On (Acapella)
Spooky – Shut Down 2012
M.I.K & Merky Ace – Shut Down Rally (Acapella)
*Replay* Preditah – Nosy Parker (Spooky & Neon Beats Refix)
Spooky – Pulse 007
Moony – All I Do Is 138 DJ
Sir Pixalot – GrimeHot V.I.P (Spooky Special)
Merky Ace – Eff Tizzy
*Teaser* Mr Virgo – Cinematic
Swifta Beater – Freddy
Trends – Party Time
Esco – 96 Bars Of Revenge
*Teaser* Faze Miyake – Dead Battery
Flash G – Pearl
Durrty Skanx feat. Big Narstie & Wariko – Act Right
Teddy – New Canteen
D’N’D – Ex Ex Girlfriend (Dub)
J.G – Cake
Naughty Raver – Runaway
K1 – Admay V.I.P


Vote for myself Spooky (Best DJ & Best Radio Show) and Deja Vu FM (Most Positive Contribution) at the Grime Awards now by clicking on the Grime Awards logo below.


Catch myself Spooky at Sauce with Kozzie @ The Hippodrome, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey this Wednesday 25th April.


Then catch me in Manchester for BPM presents Spooky @ Twisted, Fallowfield this Saturday 28th April.

Catch me if you can & enjoy the show!

‘Spartan’ Spooky

Grime Awards 2012 – VOTE NOW!

The nominations for the Grime Awards 2012 to see who was doing their thing in 2011 have now been made public. The award date has been set (Sunday 20th May) and the venue is booked (XOYO, London). All you need to do now is place your votes & turn up on the night!

This year, there are 14 categories and I am up for 2 of them – Best DJ & Best Radio Show.

To vote, click on the ‘Grime’ logo below which will take you to the voting page.

If you need further proof of why you should vote for me, check out the rest of my website for my previous radio shows, live club sets, random guest mixes and more!

Deja Vu FM are also up for an award for ‘Most Positive Contribution’ so make sure you vote for them too!


‘Spartan’ Spooky

Spooky x Bass & Grime x Sauce x BPM = April #Shutdown

Here are a few bookings coming up in the next few days. Click on each flyer to take you to the Facebook event page. If you also want the ‘Spartan Sessions’ to come to your town, get promoters to e-mail:

First off, catch me in Bristol for Bass & Grime @ The Arc Bar this Saturday 21st April.


Then catch me at Sauce with Kozzie @ The Hippodrome, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey this forthcoming Wednesday 25th April.


Then catch me in Manchester for BPM presents Spooky @ Twisted, Fallowfield next Saturday 28th April.

Catch me if you can!

Watch out for the 2 London shows i’ll be doing on Friday 25th May.

‘Spartan’ Spooky

Spooky x Deja Vu FM – Strictly Spooky Special 16/4/12

Since there was no show for me last week here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 16th April show a.k.a the ‘Strictly Spooky Special’ where I tried to go through most of the productions, refixes/myths, bootlegs & remixes (official & unofficial) that I have created over close to 10 years including M.I.K, OG’z, Slew Dem & Neckle Camp, Kele Le Roc, Nasty Jack, Kozzie, Preditah, Sticky, Wiley, Rapid, Teddy, Rude Kid, Masro, Kwam, Macabre Unit, Faze Miyake & Discarda to name a few and not even 2 and a half hours was enough to go through at least half of what I have made! So click here or the logos for the download!

‘Strictly Spooky Special’
Deja Vu FM

Slew Dem & Neckle Camp – Joyride
OG’z – Ogeezus
Spooky vs. M.I.K – My Final Freestyle V.I.P
*Teaser* Macabre Unit – Taurus (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – Jordan Riddim Refix
Avalanch – Lyrical Shoot-Out
Spooky – Horny Bean
Spooky – Joyride 2: Coolie Dance Refix
Spooky – Ice Cream Sundae 3
Spooky – Snowforest
Spooky – Amira V.I.P
Spooky – Renegade Soulja
Sukh Knight – Born Invincible (Spooky’s Born Again Refix)
M.I.K – Straight Jacket Freestyle
Davinche – Eyes On U (Spooky’s Remix)
Discarda & M.I.K – Lord Of The Hypes
Spooky – Electric Spartan
Rossi B & Luca feat. Flirta D – Mind The Gap (Spooky’s Remix)
Sticky – Killa Kutz (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – Head Rush
Spooky – Dragon Village
Spooky – Punanny Party
Spooky – The Ends Refix
Spooky & Nu Klear – Liquid Nitrogen
Spooky – Joyride 3: Martial Arts Refix
Spooky – Murderer
Spooky – Showtime Riddim
Spooky – My Love
Kozzie feat. Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Ego & Scrufizzer – Spartan Remix (Spooky’s R.I.P Mix)
Spooky – Razor Blade
Spooky – Razor Desire (Razor Blade vs. Amira Refix)
Spooky – Over Capacity
Spooky – Destructive Bongo
Desperado & Yunga Hunga – Guy Like You
Waifer – Size 10 (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – The North Pole
*Teaser* Spooky – Rapid Response
Macabre Unit – Taurus (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – X-Press Train
Rude Kid – Jack Daniels (Spooky’s Remix)
Spooky – Top 3 Selected Remix
Spooky – Pulse 007
Werewolf – Iron Gates (Spooky’s Remix)
Kozzie – Destruction
Nasty Jack – Spartan Freestyle
Masro – Outta Da Blue (Spooky’s ‘Into The Red’ Remix)
Kele Le Roc – That Rhythm (Spooky’s Riddim Rider Remix)
Faze Miyake – Take Off (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – Moonlight
Skepta – Mucktion (Spooky’s Refix)
*Teaser* Spooky – Waiting Riddim
Spooky – Joyride 4: Diwali Refix
Kwam – My Name’s Kwam
Spooky – Unda Vybe Dub
M.I.K – Boiling Point Riddim
Spooky – Hench Victory
Rapid – Top 3 Selected (Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – Phantom Grime (Phantom Of The Opera vs. Grime)
Spooky – Joyride R.I.P
Spooky – Jungle Rumble
*Teaser* Spooky – Curry Chips
*Teaser* Spooky – Snow Forest 2
Spooky – Tropical Bashment
Spooky – Kings Cross
Spooky – Grime Slime
Spooky – Mystic Waters
Spooky – Circles R.I.P (Preditah – Circles Spooky’s Refix)
Spooky – Bass Box
Spooky – Rusty Bell
Sticky – Golly Gosh (Spooky’s Remix)
Wiley – Eskimo (Spooky’s Remix)
Spooky – Direct Debit
Spooky – Jazz Style R.I.P (Geeneus vs Wizzbit – Jazz Style Spooky’s Refix)
Terror Danjah – Zumpi Hunter (Spooky’s Refix)
Phaze 1 – Nicole’s Groove (Spooky’s Remix)
Spooky – Dark Side
Teddy – House Party (Spooky’s Remix)
Spooky – Sour Cream & Onion
Spooky – Knockout Love
Spooky – Crabby Patty


‘Spartan’ Spooky

A Bag Of Myths 3

Here we go. The long-awaited ‘Bag Of Myths Vol.3’ is here.

1. Spyro – Wow (Meshak Nasty ‘Wowzerz’ Refix)
2. Preditah – Gargoyle (Reload Beatz Refix)
3. Sukh Knight – Slang Like This (Young D Remix)
4. Spooky – Megahertz (John Halifax Remix)
5. IMP Batch – Fusion (Spooky’s 2006 Refix #2)
6. Preditah – Solitaire (K1 Remix)
7. Rude Kid – Raindrops (Spooky’s Remix)
8. Spooky – Top 3 Selected Remix (wud’s Refix)
9. Rapid – Top 3 Selected (Spooky’s Refix)
10. Spooky – Talking The Hardest R.I.P
11. Avery Caines – Bongo Point Blank
12. Neon Beats – Pulse Blood Roses

Spooky – Strike The Eskimo

DOWNLOAD HERE or via the artwork.

Big up @BigDeann for the artwork.


‘Spartan’ Spooky

Spooky x Deja Vu FM 2/4/12

Here’s my ‘Grimey Mondays’ 2nd April show spinning tunes from Teddy‘s forthcoming release ‘Selectah Volume 1’ out this Sunday 8th April along with tunes from Moony, Riko, Uncle Dreama, Flava D, Big Narstie, Dullah Beatz, J Beatz, Mr.Mitch, Merky Ace, M.I.K, Rynsa Man, Trends, Darq E Freaker, Footsie, Swerve & OG’z and many more! So click here or the logo for the download!

Deja Vu FM

Spooky – Rusty Bell (Moony Remix)
Tempa T – Next Hype (Acapella)
*Teaser* Darq E Freaker – Mystic
Trends – Party Time
Discarda & M.I.K – Lord Of The Hypes
Teddy – Park Up Pussy
D Double E – Pumpin’ It Out
Supra1 – Ghoster
D.O.K – Cardio
Merky Ace – Greaze (Acapella)
Teddy & Faze Miyake – Early
Merky Ace – Eff Tizzy
Darq E Freaker – The General
Footsie – Scars 2012
Teddy – New Canteen
Teddy feat. Newham Generals – Doomed
Faze Miyake & Teddy – Quantum
Ruff Sqwad – R.S.M.D Remix
*Teaser* Shots – Bitty
Darq E Freaker – Autumn
DJ Swerve feat. OG’z – Comeback Riddim
Sir Pixalot – GrimeHot V.I.P (Spooky Special)
Big Narstie – Bars 4 Days (Acapella)
*Teaser* Swifta Beater – Freddy
*Teaser* Swifta Beater – Nuke ‘Em
Preditah – Solitare (Swifta Beater Remix)
M.I.K – Mor£
*Teaser* Preditah – Eye Contact
Flava D – Winder
Trends – Bass Mode
Lauren Mason – Dirty Money (Spooky Special)
Teddy – Ringworm
Rage & Lex feat. Jammz – The Arrival
*Teaser* Rynsa Man – Overdose
Rynsa Man – Whine Dutty
Esco – 96 Bars Of Revenge
*Teaser* Mr Virgo – Cinematic
*Teaser* Mr Virgo – Insomnia
K1 – Streetlights
Red Hot Ents. – Junior Spesh
Footsie – Lionheart
Riko – Skeng Teng
Mr SnoWman – Pink Elephants
Merky Ace, Kozzie & Shif Man – Screwdriver V.I.P (Acapella)
Spooky – Circles R.I.P
M.I.K & Merky Ace – Shut Down Rally (Acapella)
Faze Miyake – Take Off (Spooky’s Refix)
J Beatz – Cinematic
J Beatz & Various Artists – 8 Bar Mucktion (Acapella)
*Teaser* Flava D – Flamingo
Uncle Dreama – Terrabyte
Dullah Beatz – Uppercut
Diesle, Frisco, Riko, Chronik, Flowdan & G Man – Horrow Show
*Teaser* Dirty Minds – 2012
*Teaser* Darq E Freaker – Atari Bounce
Moony – Last Thursday
R1 Ryders – Karni5
Teeza – The Set Up
Faze Miyake – Milkshake
Darq E Freaker – Yellow Diamonds
Trends – Green Forest V.I.P
Neon Beats – Attack V.I.P
Royal-T – Space Cowboy
J.G – Cake
Dexplicit – Sugar Rush
J Beatz – Injunction (Mr.Mitch Remix)
Jammy – Bussin’ At ‘Em

As a bonus, click here for my Mix & Blend 2 set and check the video footage below of myself Spooky merking the Oi! 8th Anniversary in Amsterdam.


‘Spartan’ Spooky

Spooky b2b Vectra x Mix & Blend 2 @ The Macbeth 29/3/12

Here’s the set of myself Spooky b2b Vectra taken from Mix & Blend Part 2 @ The Macbeth, Hoxton on Thursday 29th March 2012. Might have been a short set but managed to squeeze in a few riddims. Download the set when you click here.

If you want to experience this live, catch myself Spooky at the following dates:

Sat 21st April: Bass & Grime @ Arc Bar, Bristol

Wed 25th April: Sauce @ Hippodrome, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Sat 28th April: BPM Presents Spooky @ Twisted Fallowfield, Manchster

For bookings or to recommend me to a promoter or club owner, the e-mail is:


‘Spartan’ Spooky