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Spooky x Deja Vu FM 15/8/11

There are a very few stations left that I’ve yet to conquer and Deja Vu was one of them…… until today. Monday 15th August 2011. The day I got called up to do a cover show from 6-8pm on the legendary Deja Vu FM. And I have the podcast to show for it. So CLICK HERE or the logos to download the show and check it out!

Deja Vu FM

Spooky – Superhero Intro
Faze Miyake – Take Off VIP (Spooky Special)
Discarda – Rhyme On (Spooky Special)
Teddy – Afghan
Rude Kid feat. P Money & Merky Ace – Spring
Preditah – Vinyls
Merky Ace, Kozzie & Shif Man – Screwdriver VIP (Acapella)
*TEASER* Redlight – Source 16
Exo Remedy – Shout (Dexplicit Remix)
Merky Ace – Greaze (Acapella)
Preditah – Overdose
Magnetic Man & P Money – Anthemic (Faze Miyake Grime Remix)
Geeneus – Thunder (Marsta Remix)
Brainlokk – On The Inside (Spooky’s Looking Outside Remix)
Scrufizzer – Marching
Trim – Notice Now (Spooky Gets Noticed Remix)
Bogey Man – Smelly
Scrufizzer – Scru To The Fizz
Darq E Freaker – Roar
Kozzie feat. Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Ego & Scrufizzer – Spartan Remix (Acapella)
Spooky – Rusty Bell)
D Double E – Frontline (Acapella)
*TEASER* Nocturnal – Don’t Phone Me
*TEASER* Dubplate Mex – Slow (Blackjack Remix)
*TEASER* Jammer – Shangooly
Scratchy – Shangooli
P Jam – Arizona Skyz
Styler – Styles
Moony – I’m A UK G
Moony – Music 4 U
Moony – The Pier
Tempa T – Boy Off Da Ting (DJ Q Remix)
Faze Miyake – Tiger
Wiley – It’s Wiley (Royal-T Remix)
Swindle – Spend Is Dough (Royal-T Instrumental Remix)
P Money & Blacks feat. Slickman – Boo You
*TEASER* Jammer – Feedback (J Beatz 2011 Remix)
*TEASER* Teeza – Buzzin
Emalkay – Crusader
Silkie – It’s Late
Alias – Joker
Terror Danjah – East Village
Lady Leshurr x Neon Beats – Too Much
DS1 – Stuck In The Machine VIP
Mossmade Beatz – Winston’s Gash
Rude Kid – Raindrops (Spooky’s Remix)
Terror Danjah & Ruby Lee Ryder – Full Attention
Sukh Knight – Parabat (Young D Remix)
Sukh Knight – Diesel Not Petrol (6th Gear Edit)
Neon Beats – Afghan Cherryade
Jammin – No Singing (Acapella)
*TEASER* Spooky – Razor Blade
*TEASER* Exo Remedy – Cancer
Exo Remedy – Warpath
R1 Ryders – Deep In The Jungle
Royal-T feat. OG’z – RIP Hotones
*TEASER* Waifer & D Double E – Collab Dub
P Jam – The Beckoning
J Beatz – Pulse Tazer
Dexplicit feat. Preeya Kalidas & Scorcher – It’s A Problem
D.O.K – Dragon Punch
Preditah – Gargoyle
Spyro – Wow
M.I.K – Do It (Acapella)
Terror Danjah – Full Attention (Spooky’s Half Asleep Remix)
Spooky – Electric Spartan

Hope you enjoy this and I hope to bring you plenty more shows like this in the future!

‘Spartan’ Spooky