Spooky’s ‘Ghost House’ 2010 Showreel

1. The Devil Within (forthcoming on the ‘Murderer EP‘)
2. Bad Influence
3. Top 3 Selected Remix (the infamous beat used by P Money)
4. Purple Smoke
5. Morse Code Riddim
6. Trick Or Treat

Spooky ‘Ghose House’ 2010 showreel 1 by spookybizzle

Beat number 1 recently just got ‘murdered‘…

& if you’re baffled about what beat number 3 was used for, let me refresh your memory.

11 responses to “Spooky’s ‘Ghost House’ 2010 Showreel

  1. Seriously im loving the Top 3 Selected remix beat could u send me a link or something to download it as i always listen to beats on my phone its bigggggg

  2. babe guess wat ive just googled myself n your blog came up hahaha infact u came up nearly as many times as me on my googleness xxx

  3. safe when are these instros out these r big!!

  4. What gets you excited about life?

  5. Safe man ha want these intros u got a date mann ??

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