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Spooky presents ‘3×3’ Vol. 1-4

4 mixes, 3 producers, 3 tunes each, 1 ZIP file….. and YOU decide who came out on top!!!

So this is just basically 4 mini-mixes of the genres I f*ck with (garage, grime, dubstep & funky house), taking 3 of the best producers from every music genre and mixing 3 of their beats. Hence the ‘3×3’ concept. And out of every mix, YOU decide who came out on top. You can comment back on this post to let me know…… OR you can let me know via Twitter (@spookydj). Big up Oil Gang for the artwork as well. Very large.

So you can CLICK HERE for the download
& the tracklisting can be found below:

If you wanna hear any of the 4 mixes before you download, click on the pictures.

Artwork created by Oil Gang
***3×3 Volume 1 : Garage***
***Ghost (El-B) vs. Groove Chronicles vs. Steve Gurley***

Goldie – Believe (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Allstars (Steve Gurley) – Hot Boys
Ghost – 2000
Groove Chronicles – Stonecold
Robbie Craig – Lessons In Love (Steve Gurley Remix)
Ghost – Lyrical Tempo
Groove Chronicles – Black Puppet
Basement Jaxx – Red Alert (Steve Gurley Remix)
Ghost – The Club

Artwork created by Oil Gang
***3×3 Volume 2 : Grime***
***Nocturnal vs. Maniac vs. Dexplicit***

Slew Dem & Cold Blooded – Stay Down Da Road (Prod. By Nocturnal)
Dexplicit – Change Formation
Maniac – Headshot
Dexplicit – Steamtrain
Nocturnal – Back In A Big Way
Maniac – Wreckage
Dexplicit – Victory
Nocturnal – Don’t Phone Me
Maniac – What Da Rass

Artwork created by Oil Gang
***3×3 Volume 3 : Dubstep***
***Skream vs. Benga vs. DMZ***

Skream – Midnight Request Line
Benga – Crunked Up
Coki (DMZ) – Blood Thirst
Skream – Filth
Benga – Buzzin
Coki (DMZ) – Burning
Benga – Zero M2
Mala (DMZ) – Anti War Dub
Skream – Summer Dreams

Artwork created by Oil Gang
***3×3 Volume 4 : Funky***
***Crazy Cousinz vs. Geeneus vs. Donae’o***

Robin S – Show Me Love 2009 (Geeneus Remix)
Paleface & Kyla – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Donae’o – African Warrior
Geeneus – Yellowtail
Crazy Cousinz – Inflation
Donae’o – Party Hard Remix
Geeneus & Zinc feat. Nikki – Emotions
Natty – July (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
Donae’o – Love To Happen

If you would like to acquire the mixes separately, I will upload them to my Soundcloud in the near future. Otherwise, u can download the full package with all 4 volumes and enjoy!

Merry Christmas.